Call of the Mountain

Call of the Mountain


Call of the mountain is based on the ancient melodies of the Meron celebrations. It's an amazing performance where Oriental Klezmer, Jewish, Sufi, and Mediterranean music meets chillout and ambient air.


Eyal Sela, a master on the clarinet and other woodwind instruments, is said to be one of the foremost exponents of world music in Israel. Eyal Sela has made a reputation for himself by playing unique multi-disciplinary music for the past decade. He is a virtuous of ethnic wind instruments and he is an accomplished singer.


- Call of the Mountain 2004 (Nada Records)
cd darma
- Darma 2003 (Magda Records)
cd darma
- Sela - 2000 (Magda Records)

Set List

Set: 1h30