Call of Thousands

Call of Thousands


Headbanging metal with face melting solos and memorable riffs, putting somthing together you have never heard before. 5 guys from San Diego California ready to take metal by storm and shove their sound down everyones throats.


With so many labels and subgenres polluting the air, metal looked to be on its last legs. Death-core, Metal-core, and Nu Metal all ruining the genre that we all have held so near and dear to our hearts. The fans started getting bored of the same old regurgitated music being pushed on them day in and day out. Whether it was thrash metal rip offs or mall metal scene bands the industry was at a loss for good old fashioned uncategorized heaviness. Starting out in 2005 we came together as nothing more than metal fans wanting to create music that hadn’t been heard before and what we felt should be on the airwaves instead of the status quo metal for the masses. We have honed our live show into an all out ear shattering assault, filled with memorable riffs and shredding solos and have set out to convert every single person we could make listen to the church of metal. In 2008 we have released our first full length album titled Into the Coming Storm and are looking forward to playing as many shows as we possibly can to promote and spread the words we are hear to preach. Those words are “no categories, just fucking metal.” As a young band we have already surpassed many of our peers and have gone from playing first to headlining in our home town. From selling-out our local haven, the Jumping Turtle with hundreds of people showing up, setting the all-time attendance record with over thousands of dollars made in merch and attendance profit. Our songs are tight and oozing with head banging ferocity unlike anything else. In the words of Pantera and whether your ready or not, “we’re taking over this town.”



Written By: Max Kayajanian

In all your glory I'll take you down
In all your safety rip you apart
Seen this before again and again
But I see through you when others cannot see at all
I’ll stand before you and watch you fall
Now they’re all gone you’ve burned your soul
Your wretched torment will never bring you down
But motherfucker I’ll put an end to this

No pity for the coward
No grief for the weak
I’ll put you under
Six feet deep
No pity for the coward
No grief for the weak
I’ll lay you down
Eternal sleep

This life that you’ve lead these words you speak
Wipe all those fake tears before I break your fucking teeth
You beg for mercy through the mouth of another
Hypocrisy it will stand tall
I’ll bring you to your knees faster than you’ve ever seen
You’ll soon regret the times you chose to weep
This life will kill you faster than I ever could
But if you live through I’ll fucking end you

Open your eyes

If you play the victim
You’ll be the victim
Become the weak
And pay the price


Written By: Max Kayajanian

This picture of what I call a life
A picture
Paint it black
A picture of what I used to be
Thrown a way I'm not coming back

You've cut so deep within me
Torturing my soul
And ripping me apart

I will go on alone
You'll ruin me no more
Lost within myself
My heart is growing weak

You've cut so deep within me
Torturing my soul
And ripping me apart
Lost in this hell
By your love


Demo 2007 (Self-Released)
Into the Coming storm (Self-released full length 2008)

Set List

Our set consists of somewhere between 6 to 12 songs depending on how long our time is. The set is usually somewhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes. If we cover anything, and we sometimes do. We do covers of our strongest influences such as Iron Maiden and At The Gates.