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Oakland, California, United States

Oakland, California, United States
Band Rock Folk


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"Salt Lake Top 50"

If they weren’t filtered through Gared Moses’ off-kilter twang and a Beck-in-an-indie-mood lo-fi production, the tales told on Sister Sarah would come across as downright weird. As they are, well, they’re still weird—but the good kind. Going to hell never sounded quite so soothing. —BF
- Salt Lake City Weekly

"Music Picks"

I’m not going to lie. A certain someone passed Bill Frost a 40 of Olde English to promote Callow. That person did not, however, bribe this writer. Turns out, however, there’s no need to bait praise for Callow. The former Salt Lake City band, who jumped ship for San Francisco’s potentially more lucrative scene, are talented sons-of-guns who sound best stripped-down, weathered and torn. That’s not to say their new album is weak. Beaten but not down, the trio cranks out swinging rock & roll perfect for dancing away shared misery on inversion-clouded nights. Welcome home. - Salt Lake City Weekly


Still working on that hot first release.



Many years ago, four strangers pursued their passions within related but unconnected worlds. Little did they know these passions would eventually lead them to each other.

Two of them inhabited the same historic downtown neighborhood-- only five blocks separated one's apartment from the other. The former spent his days and nights singing and writing music on his guitar; the latter was consumed with translating rhythm through her body as a dancer.

In the mean time, two states over, someone else was devoting his life to the guitar. His father had raised him feverishly on Tom Waits, David Bowie and Queen, and the obsession carried over; his entire being was determined to live life playing music and perfecting his craft.

In yet another town, far across the country, a budding musician decided to create a different life for himself. He packed up his bass and traveled from his home in the Mid-west to the rocky mountains.

Eventually two lives intersected; the singer, who was writing music for college theatre productions and had a band named "Badapple", was introduced to the bassist, who was playing in various indie and punk projects. They immediately began playing together, and the first incarnation of Callow was born.

The guitarist, all the while, was ensconced in the East Bay punk scene, touring all over the US as the lead guitarist for "Silent Film Stars" and "Thought Riot".

The dancer had also begun traveling, performing with various companies and studying rhythms from all over the world.

Because she was particularly fond of Latin and African styles she eventually found herself settling in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coincidentally, the singer and bassist had relocated there just one year prior, in order to give their musical career a fresh perspective.

Eventually the paths of the singer, bassist, guitarist, and dancer (who had began studying percussion) crossed, and through a series of timely events, all came together around their love of music and birthed a new vision, what Callow is today; an unusual blend of earthy, mellifluous, pulsating, folkish rock.

Callow alternates their time between touring throughout the Western US and rehearsing in their studio in Oakland, California.

They are currently working on an all-analog recording with Alex Laipeneiks, founding member of Mr. T Experience, and preparing for their summer 2010 tours.