Callupsie is a band that is not held down by a single style, idea, or musical concept. Callupsie creates sounds inspired by everyday life. At one moment dark and heavy, then bright and bouncy the next. Four friends inspired by each other and eager to create music with meaning and texture.


Callupsie is an indie rock band from Tulsa, OK. The group was formed in July of 2005. Callupsie is a band that plays shows around their hometown week in and week out. They are close friends who have based their band and ideas upon a strict work ethic and a mutual respect for each other and those who work with them. They are inspired by the friends who have supported them as well as other musicians past and present. Callupsie mixes genres, lyrics, rhythms, and energy into their own sound that's as original as the name they go by.

Callupsie plays sets that often feel more like orchestral movements than candid rock shows. Daniel Sutliff programs layers of samples used as transitions between songs along with seperate pieces of music played live between each proper song. Clay Welch and Aaron Hamby use reverb-soaked and delay guitar techniques to add to the depth of these moments . The live shows add a shoegazer effect to the already pop/dance oriented beats that Liz Wattoff supplies.

Callupsie believes that the message is in the music, so there is very little stopping once the music starts.

Callupsie was recently featured in the April 2008 issue of SPIN magazine.


Sugar and Liquor EP (2006)

I am myself EP (2007)

Callupsie LP (2008)
Released May 5, 2008 on Little Mafia Records

Recorded at Armstrong Recordings Tulsa, OK by Stephen Egerton of the Descendents. Mastered at the Blasting Room by Jason Livermore (Drag the River) and Bill Stevenson of Black Flag.

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Give us a time and we will fill it.

We do not play covers.