call you out

call you out


Call You Out is an aggressive and animated turbo-pop punk band out of Madison Wisconsin. Formed from former members of 2 of Madison's highly accredited bands (Zero To Sixty Never & BRP.), Call You Out is bringing new emotion and balls to Madison's local scene, along with cities all over the U.S.


Call You Out. The sound is in the name. Original to itself with the fast and hard-hitting licks of punk rock mixed with catchy pop melodies forming a new sound that will have any music lover tapping their toes and humming along in no time. From the ex-members of two of Madison's former finest bands (Zero To Sixty Never & BRP.), Call You Out has started to tear up the Madison local scene, and rearing to hit the road to bring their new sound to the rest of the states.
Road worthy and willing (over 9 nationwide tours between ZSTN & BRP.), Call You Out started when 4 close friends realized that their old bands couldn't go as far as they wanted to with the members they had. With inspirations ranging from bands like Strung Out and the Decendents to rock legends like Thin Lizzy and The Foo Fighters, Call You Out is feverishly writing new music to bring to their old friends and fans.
When all is said and done, Call You Out is a band that will survive the trial of time. Their work ethic and fresh image is what sets them apart from the rest of the music scene and will motivate them to conquer their dreams.


2007 demo sessions
2007 Zero to Sixty Never- Choose your Own Adventure
2006 BRP- Uppercut, Uppercut!
2004 BRP- Paradyme sessions
2004 Zero to sixty never- We rock together, we die together

Set List

Our set list is usually about 7 songs (35 min), give or take the allotted time. Our current set list is here, no covers.

Cute is what we aim to kill
Call you out
Rect'em, damn near killed em'