Houston, Texas, USA

"Smart Rock - (adj., noun.) Perfectly crafted indie rock songs that give you the option to think. Calm Paradox brings you catchy dance-able, rock-able, optional intellectualism."


*Update: April 2011 - Calm Paradox is launching a radio campaign with the folks that work with Ingrid Michaelson, The Rakes, and Semisonic. Stay tuned!*

While many 20-year-olds are still contemplating majors, Michelle Kennedy has made the most of her short years: She has a Philosophy degree, her own record label, and a debut album through her musical ventures as the Calm Paradox.

Michelle Kennedy was a harpist and classically trained vocalist before a random internet search changed her life forever: She stumbled upon The Strokes debut album Is This It? and fell violently in love with indie rock. So out went the harp and in came a guitar. That was 2005.

A native of Houston, Texas, Michelle Kennedy moved to Utah in 2008 where she began performing at open mic nights and small acoustic shows. She launched her label in summer 2010 and soon after started recruiting friends to back her up as the Calm Paradox. When plans fell through, Michelle headed into the studio solo to realize the loud and brash record she had been envisioning. That was November 2010.

Nearly 10 years after The Strokes' historic debut, Calm Paradox is now emerging with How to Mind.

Summer 2011 Tour dates to be announced!



Written By: Calm Paradox

Take out your boots from under my bed
Walk away from me with your tail between your legs
But I miss you every time, so be sure you’re back tonight
I’d rather share a married man
Than have a cheating asshole who’s all mine

Take up the chance to take me away
I’ve sublet my room and I’m ready to escape
I hate your hesitation, do you need an invitation?
These sunk costs are sinking our ship
If we linger any longer we’ll lose our grip

And I give to you, and you take your due
And I give my love, and you use it up
You better watch yourself
Cos I’m giving up, giving up

Take back your promise ring I think it expired
When he runs his fingers through my hair I feel like I’m on fire
On a rocket to the moon, I’m in love but not with you
By the way, I called your wife
You’re right she’s a bitch- good luck, and good bye.


Written By: Calm Paradox

Sometimes we fight without a cause
A recourse for inverted flaws
And some things we say without a choice
A discourse on retrograde noise

Some lies we have to rehearse
A pleasure to please and to serve
And some fears we face on our own
A product of retrograde home

We’re falling in retrograde motion
We’re stalling in upward propulsion
We’re shooting, we’re shooting our horses
We’re faking, we’re faking remorses

Someday we’ll abandon our fame
Left to the heirs of the trade
And when we lose our devotion
We’ll wallow in retrograde fortune

We’re falling in retrograde motion…

Influenza Tiger

Written By: Calm Paradox

The shadows of the clouds
Don’t escape the mountain side
The sun outlines
Their enormous size
As tangible as clouds can get
Is merely a visual trick

Let’s isolate the snowflakes
With our elbows and chins
I caught the Influenza Tiger
With my hips

Indifferent to the town below
The clouds descend the mountain side
They consummate the wintertime
The snow blinds
As tangible as clouds can get
Is broken down in crystal bits

Let’s isolate the snowflakes
With our elbows and chins
Let’s try to catch the winter
With our wrists
And let’s use friction
To heat our frozen lips
I caught the Influenza Tiger
With my hips, with my--

The slanted rays emitted by the sun
Cannot warm us up
As tangible as death can get
And never even realizing it

Let’s isolate the snowflakes
With our elbows and shins
Let’s try to catch the winter
With our wrists
And let’s use friction
To heat our frozen lips
I caught the influenza tiger
With my hips, with my hips
I caught the influenza tiger
with my hips, with my--


"How to Mind" (LP) was digitally released at your favorite online retailers on March 1, 2011.

Set List

30-60 min, depending on the needs of the gig:

Retrograde Motion
Influenza Tiger
Before Sunrise
Rich Kid
Rites of Passage
This May

Optional covers:
Portions for Foxes - Rilo Kiley
Someday - The Strokes