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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Calo – ‘3 Song Demo’ (self released)"

Even though I've been reviewing a lot of European metal albums lately, let me tell you...local Akron/Cleveland is alive and well, and this three-song demo by the three-piece metal band Calo proves that. Their web site says that they're recording as we speak, and if this 3 song demo is any indication of what they're capable of, then I can't wait to hear a whole album by these guys. Calo plays incredibly tight, solidly rocking music that crosses genres and blows the listener out of their seat and across the room. I can hear some Primus and Chili Peppers influence here, but I have to listen close...they have assimilated their influences well, and can pay homage without ripping-off. The beats are funky without being wimpy, the guitars are heavy without being muddy, and the vocals are pissed off and aggressive as hell. It takes a hell of a band to lead off ANY release with an instrumental, but an inventive groove and some well placed sound bites (hearing George Bush and George Carlin right next to each other was a howl!) make "Choke" one satisfying instrumental slab. The other songs..."Of Red" & “Controlled" have a punk-metal hybrid feel that the band pulls off WAY better than any of those Nu-posers on MTV. My only complaint is that it was WAY too short. I don't know if the band plans on offering this for sale, so you rock fans out there better get on their collective asses, because this is too good to miss! The Heathen Hippy gives it four words you can't say on television. -


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Calo is a three piece Hard rock/Heavy metal band from Cleveland Oh. The group started playing together shortly out of High school, combining their many different influences. Calo has played throughout northern Ohio creating a buzz by handing out hundreds of promotional EP’s and playing their brand of solid creative music. Calo is always trying to push the envelope musically and lyrically. The music is rythmic and aggressive with a hard edge, The Lyrics are poetic and aggressive, Calo mostly has a passion
for playing music that continues to inspire themselves creatively. The band is currently finishing a new CD in their studio and looking for bookings. management and label support. They are willing to travel to reach as many people as possible.