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Winter Garden, Florida, United States | SELF

Winter Garden, Florida, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos




“Bad Boy Moves Outside The Circle”
New York - June 17, 2009 - Calton Coffie applied the finishing touches
to yet another of the many tunes he had been perfecting. Like a newly
minted Rolls Royce, the Delroy Wilson single “Rain from The Skies”
rolls of the assembly line and into the hands of a few selected jocks.
Within hours, the song is blasting on the radio and Internet and into
the hearts of his hungry fans. They can’t get enough!
Coffie, a Grammy winner and the voice behind Fox TV show’s “Cops,” is
still Reggae’s most played vocalist. His stealthy steps away from The
Inner Circle of his former band mates finds him in the studio and
totally immersed in the production of a plethora of new works.
Preserving the music and memory of his mentor and friend, the late
Delroy Wilson, is almost always a part of this routine. He is applying
his personal touch to several Delroy Wilson tunes, the proceeds of
which will go to the latter’s family.
According to Coffie “it has been well recorded on how “ he and “Inner
Circle came together. We achieved great things and new levels of
international success in the ‘90’s”. During those heady days, Coffie
and the band became international icons and the frontmen for quality
Reggae music. The “title track … was a number one hit in almost every
European territory,” said the singer. “Sweat (a La La La La Long)” even
broke the records of heavyweights, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and
Elvis Presley.
His “Bad Boys” Grammy win and subsequent nomination for “Reggae Dancer”
undoubtedly resulted from his multiple roles as writer, co-writer,
composer and lead vocalist.
Coffie fell ill in 1995 and decided upon his recovery to pursue a solo
journey. One that has brought fruition to the highly acclaimed albums,
“A Hot Cup of Calton Coffie” and “Scandal”.
After his explosive international music presence, countless gold and
platinum albums, four stars from Billboard as a composer, lead vocalist
on several Box Office hits and internationally syndicated television
and a much too lengthy respite that has hardly quelled the hunger of
his fans, Calton Coffie, “The Original Bad Boy” is stepping out again.
Familiar but fresh, raw but refined, Calton Coffie is back!
Calton Coffie was recently inducted into the "Reggea Walk Of Fame" from the Bob Marley School Of Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 11th September 2010
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