Calum Carlyle

Calum Carlyle


Acoustic music for the 21st century. My music is new, varied and relevant. From dark social commentary through world music experiments, there's something for everyone for sure.


I'm a songwriter, singer and instrumentalist from Orkney, now based in Edinburgh. I have a solo CD out at the moment called Honesty And Thorns, and I will be playing some live gigs during 2010 with Al Clarke on bass and/or 'cello.

I used to be in a band called The Lapels with Kris Drever and Neil Dixon, and I'm now in a band called Neoviolet, with Nicky Carder, Georgie Williamson and Angus Ross.


Three solo CDs, Burn Out, Music For Life and my current one, Honesty And Thorns. I have also recorded two CDs featuring Jimmy Carlyle, called Artyfacts and Modern Men. My songs have been played several times on BBC Radio Orkney and on Leith FM, and one of the songs from Honesty And Thorns was featured on a compilation CD, more info here:

Set List

I can play a short set or a long set as required, I usually play my own songs, but can include covers if necessary, depending on the mood and the situation. My main repertoire is the material from my current CD, Honesty And Thorns, but I still play many of the songs from earlier in my songwriting career.