The Calumet Reel

The Calumet Reel

 Bloomington, Indiana, USA

The Calumet Reel represents young American music with the respect for the music that has come from our past. They have great energy with 4 part harmonies combined with 60's and 70's pop licks. This group takes you back to a time where instrumentation was used for melody and not droning thumps.


The Calumet Reel has a heart unlike that of any cheeky band. From their Southern Indiana home in Bloomington, the band cultivates a conglomeration of American sound, tying in everything from Tennessee country twang to swinging jazz to Beatles-pop to catchy indie anthems. They are a modern and attuned Americana band that makes listeners’ hearts tender. The absolute sincerity of their live performances, which this self-titled album closely recreates, is sensuously received by the audience and the warm honey-like atmosphere they create in any venue.

The energy on the album flows from track to track, sometimes without stopping the take, replicating the intimate relationship that The Calumet Reel forms with their audience. These tracks meander between thick, grooving melodies and catchy, driving rock with a saloon-like lap steel guitar. The chemistry between the band members’ talents are highlighted in this live-tracking style recording as the raw melodies, backed by tactful group harmonies, are matched with the bluesy, soulful keys, the steady, playful bass and the slick, often sliding, lead guitar — which together create a soulful honesty.



"Roastin' Ma Pups" EP - August 2010

"If I Don't Listen" (Single) - February 2012

"The Calumet Reel" S/T Album - Due April 2012

Set List

Changing Colors
Sea Inside
Bachelor Paranoia
June Bug
Wide-Eyed Wonder
Music Man
Lemon Jack
Dear Stranger
Sewed the Truth
Midnight Train
If I Don't Listen

*Can Play 30-120 minute sets depending on situation