Calvin Smith

Calvin Smith

 Marietta, Georgia, USA

My music is real soul winning music that reache's children and aduts it's has a gospel and contemporary gospel feel to it that make's you clap your hand's and move every time. it's played, every song is very up lifting and lead by biblical principle's.


My name is Calvin Lweis Smith, I was born on june-4 1963 in Atlanta Ga, I love to sing and it has always been my passion I attened school at Walden Middle school where I sang in the choru's and learned how to sing versatile (bass) (baritone) (tenner) and (falsetto) I also sang while I was attending Grady High School I joined the chorus and entered numerous talent show's while in school there, I also was the lead singer at my church in atlanta Ga, where I grew up, after graduating in 1981 from Henry Grady high school I continued to sing in church'es around Atlanta and other surrounding cities I became a lead siger with a gospel group call J T spiritual i'm aiso a choir director at a small church in Atlanta call the Egal's Nest' Community church.


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