Calynco blends musical styles from across the globe using steel drum, flamenco guitar, and a hot rhythm section to create a captivating sound.


Yascha first started playing the steel pan while attending the University of North Texas as a percussion major in 1994. During his second semester playing lead pan in the North Texas steel drum band, he had the pleasure of playing alongside the legendary Robert Greenidge (Jimmy Buffet, Taj Majal, Desperadoes) who was doing a temporary residency with UNT to teach the group his Panorama composition "Fire Coming Down" for a US premiere.

After that experience, Yascha contacted up-and-coming pan builder David Beery, who at the time was making pans out of his home, and commissioned a lead pan. David now runs "Smarty Pans" which is one of the premiere U.S. custom pan making companies. While finishing school and honing his skills, Yascha performed with eclectic rock band "Riddle Me This" touring throughout Texas and appearing on MTV's "Week in Rock." Those early experiences instilled in Yascha the pan's versatility and ability to make any kind of music imaginable, not just Calypso and Soca.

When Yascha moved to Portland in the late 90's he opened Starfish Studios, a music school and recording studio, offering private lessons, workshops for many instruments, and studio production. After getting regular requests to put groups together to play the steel pan at weddings and other events as well as on various recordings, Yascha formed Calynco with long-time friend and musical collaborator Wesley 'Kid' Dameron. Calynco can be scene performing at various venues around Portland and Seattle.

After the release of "Electric Moon," Calynco's first full-length studio album, a larger band was formed to add a full rhythm section to the lineup. Calynco performs both as a steel drum / guitar duo, and as a full six-piece band.


Electric Moon
This full-length album of original music can be streamed directly from our website and is found at various online music stores.

Set List

In addition to our original music, we perform traditional and pop music from all over the world including Hawaiian, Latin, Caribbean, and European tunes.