New London, Connecticut, USA
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We are taking something old and making it new, showing people that genres can be combined to make fresh, but still relevant, music. explains everything


Andrew Camacho is a 23-year-old hip-hop artist from New London, CT. Though his main genre is Hip-Hop he has been know to throw elements of Rock and Pop in the mixture. “I’m inspired by music itself.” Says Camacho who has been described to have the potential to take his music beyond the states to an international level by the Go-Djs Squad.
Recently Camacho has been hard at work on his upcoming EP (TBA) working with producers Semaj Foreman and Milky Beatz to create a project that will really allow for his fans to get a better understanding of his life and where he wants to be musically. Plans have been made for a flood of new material both audio and visual to be released in the months leading up to his release.

He has also started directing and editing his own music videos and promotional drops, “I feel like I don’t take on from where others left off, I translate my music differently! My own way! Music needs to be spontaneous and full of emotion... No one has experienced my life in my shoes, what I’ve seen/done/been through,” says Camacho about his interest in video and on his music.

In order to keep up with the ever-expanding music market Camacho along with his close friend Juan Duran, a.k.a. ThatKidJD, created The Fly Ones. Originally a team of artists and promoters from all over the U.S. designed other talented artists a chance to be heard outside of their city or social circle. Through the site they have reached thousands of fans and created what could one day be an important factor in the online music community. “I have a team full of the hardest workers and we are SO focused,” claims Camacho “Practice, and surround yourself around what you love and things will come easier! Good music comes with time an perseverance.”

Set List

Changes Depending on the Bill we have songs for everything. Usually something recent mixed with some of the crowd favorites