camaro rouge

camaro rouge


johnny thunder and the runaways have a "party" and we are the madness leftover


sarah and arman were lamenting the breakup of past projects ( the dishes - and the white+outs ) over a beer. After a few more beers they decided to try playing together ( isnt this how all bands start ?). Andrea was on her last tour with her past band ( and enlisted on bass. For the past nine months Camaro Rouge has been revvin' its motor, purring and ready to roll. Starting to stretch it's road legs , the camaro has played locally and regionally with rave reviews and with the likes of Guitar Wolf, Gore Gore Girls, Mike Watt, and many local favorites - sybris, red eyed legends, thinman, headaceh city, etc. Veterans of the music scene, each member brings a unique influence and background and they come together with music that ranges from blistering rock to dirty bluesy songs. cHEERS.


Demo Camaro Rouge
( 5 song ep recorded fall/winter 2004 at optimus chicago)

Set List

35 minutes /10-11 songs
set list includes
tear it up
salt shaker
caught foolin
new song
summertime ( cover - wild emotion)
crazy eye
daddy gorllia
new song 2