New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Named after the classic Ghostface Killah song, Texas born, California raised, New York based Camay brings this element to hip hop; Street music with anarchist undertones.


9 year old Yteka Moore knew she belonged to hip hop from the moment she laid her ears upon the then 20 year old Nas' Illmatic album. Being a military brat allowed her to be exposed to various styles of hip hop, to which she gives credit for her versatility. Named after the classic hip hop Ghostface Killah song, Camay's Street rich music is her expertise, and her lyrics and delivery sometimes makes it hard to believe she is a female. Seriously pursuing music since 2000, Camay has seen countless stages of growth as an artist.
Working with several grammy nominated producers has given her the direction and experience needed to take her to the next Level. Camay continues to hone her craft and build her following.


Prswaysian vol 1. (itunes) 2000
A Drug Dealers Dream Street Album 2007
The Rogue Program mixtape (2010)

countless guest appearances

Set List

Full Deck
Judge Me
Hip Hop
Give it Up