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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Hip Hop




"Cambatta - Ghost In The Machine Video"

Consciousness has been commodified in hip-hop within the past few years, but it’s still relatively easy to tell who’s really about it once you break down the density of their messages. Tampa-by-way-of-New Haven rapper Cambatta is one of the more socially aware, uncompromising rappers to hit the scene, mixing spiritual and social analysis into a technically superior skillset. He’s out to shut a rapper down on the mic – then enlighten them.

“Blacks are now gentrified thugs, food is now weaponized drugs” he laments on “Ghost In The Machine,” the latest video from his DMT (Definative Metagod Trilogy) project.

The Udub of NYBangers production is an urgent track that meshes club-ready 808 drums with poignant lyricism reflecting on the dualities of earthly existence, corrupt leadership, and the futility of trying to spread a message without a following. Udub may have channeled the energy of his previous productions “OOOUUU“ and “Don’t Run” on this one, but don’t just dance – listen to what Cambatta is saying. The Carlos “Lo5” Avila-directed video splices footage of Cambatta rhyming fiercely with clips of demonstrations, religious iconography, and social decay.

“Ghost In The Machine” is a double metaphor, referring to the spirit in the human body, and on a macro-level the human body as a mere cog in the “machine” of modern-day civilization. DMT (Definative Metagod Trilogy) is available for stream and download at - Impose Magazine

"Cambatta Performance at Littlefield (Brooklyn)"

Next up was the MC that really brought me to the concert, Cambatta. Even though I’ve been hugely impressed with his Smoke & Mirrors mixtape, his performance actually exceeded expectations, especially for the topics that he normally raps about. Cambatta, who hails from New Haven, Connecticut, normally discusses things like conspiracy theories, smoking weed, traditionalist hip hop theories or politics, sometimes difficult topics to get a crowd into. I was certainly not expecting him to pull out a skit right in the middle of his set, or to run around in his socks for the rest of his show. It was actually refreshing to see and his playful energy brought people back to the stage. Everyone seemed to get really into his performance of “Jazzerterbation,” which was probably the only time Cambatta was still for more than a millisecond. His performance was impressive, alleviating any fears that he was going to be a boring live performer. - Birthplace Mag

"The Cipher Podcast Episode 149: Cambatta"

Cambatta was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He decamped for Florida at 18, and quickly released several successful mixtapes, The Visionary and The Visionary 2, shortly afterwards. They showed off his incredible writing skills and already top-notch wordplay.

But it wouldn’t be until 2013 that Cambatta would really come into his own. He changed his way of thinking – with some chemical help – and created the powerful and trippy Smoke & Mirrors series, a three-mixtape collection that was released between 2013 and 2015. The trilogy took on mystical themes and melded them with reflections on childhood to create a voice that didn’t sound like anything else.

Cambatta’s latest release is Smoke & Mirrors DMT: (Definitive Metagod Trilogy), a collection of some of the best songs of the series plus previously unreleased material. - The Cipher

"Smoke & Mirrors 2 Review"

From dealing drugs to doing them, Hip-Hop can’t seem to leave the vices alone. There’s something about intoxication that frees the mind and yet traps it, leading some of the most creative artists to create poignant songs. The Connecticut artist who now resides in Florida is one of those artists. The follow up to his Smoke & Mirrors project from over two years ago is part autobiography and part history lesson on America in the 1980’s and 90’s. With some of his vices in tow, he starts a series of stories that go into what it really means to be a crack baby and deal with the consequences that follow for the rest of one’s life. There are a lot of thought provoking lines packed with versatile flows in this one. - The Source

"Smoke & Mirrors 2 Review"

Its been a minute since we last heard from Cambatta, but today he is back! This time around Cambatta is back with the second installment to his mixtape, Smoke & Mirrors. The project, Smoke & Mirrors 2 comes loaded up with all new tracks from the lyricist and again shows off his depth and his talents.

The project comes loaded up with some infectious talents, in which the artist described stating: “The 1980’s and 90’s Crack Epidemic spread through urban streets like the Black Plague transforming ouListen: Cambatta – Smoke & Mirrors 2 | Stream r beautiful mothers and fathers into zombie like recidivists, leaving a generation of children or “crack babies” in shattered parentless environments, often to repeat the same self destructive woes of their sickened predecessors”. -

"Smoke & Mirrors 2 Review"

The Crack Epidemic of the 80’s and 90’s turned many of our loved ones into zombies, creating a generation of crack babies born in broken environments who would undoubtedly repeat the same self-destructive cycle as their predecessors. Smoke & Mirrors 2: The Crack Baby is Cambatta’s personal drug induced testimony. LSD, DMT, shrooms, and “copious amounts of medical grade cannabis” were explored in the making of this “rhyme-driven Soul quest.” Beginning with the dark, sin-ridden dialogue of an addict, Cam progresses to the awakened, enlightened expression of a Shaman. Don’t forget to peep the visuals for the Adot The God & Trappa-produced record “Trippin Balls” (Track 5) down bottom… and then check out the “Zeitgeist” Trilogy. You’re welcome. Catch the vibe: - CLP Nation

"Cambatta - Lawdamercy"

Recently heard rhyming alongside Brooklyn mic-murderer Nino Bless on mixtape single The Watchmen, Cambatta returns to make his solo DJBooth debut with a cut that’ll have listeners shouting “Lawdamercy!” On this freshly-released mixtape inclusion, Pryme & Keyz’ gospel samples set the mood as the Connecticut rhymesayer preaches a gospel of hard work and self-determination. In the record’s final seconds, he drives the point home: ”Now stop asking what God would do, when the only god you need is the god in you… church!” Craving more? You’ll find what you seek on Cambatta’s Smoke & Mirrors: The Porch LP, released to the ‘net in mid-January. - DJ Booth

"Cambatta The Porch Mixtape Review"

Without a doubt, Cambatta has been a boot slap favorite for a while with good reason. His ability to weave random mental pictures with insightful messages makes him one of the more respected emcees. This mixtape is no exception to the consistency he puts out, and anyone who is a Cambatta fan will not be disappointed by this release.

His conversational rap style does his intro justice, with flutes bringing in a smooth, feel good type of vibe on the production. Despite his laid back style of delivery; his lyrics are rampant with clear wordplay over strong punch lines. Listening closely, tracks like Brief Conversation unfold with the following lines, "As I analyze life, question every facet / like what it really takes to get that legendary status."

His genuine feelings seem to come out on this mixtape, and anyone who enjoys analyzing life will appreciate his views and presentation of experiences and thoughts.

Like with most lyrical artists, there's always a smoke song, and Cambatta doesn't hesitate to drop one on his project called, The Chronic. Though it doesn't sound any bit like a Dr. Dre masterpiece; this artist paints his own legendary work with a feature from Rafijah Siano. This track is a definite repeat "offender" on the radio controls.

The thing with this project is that it's an easy mixtape to play on repeat and enjoy the vibe to. The mixes and production are strong and clean; and the composition of the music from the beats to the lyrics are simply THAT good.

The only downsides from this side that we could identify on this project were a few mixes that could have used more power on the kick frequencies and a few clean bass drops that could have filled in some air on a few tracks. Harry The Tubman was one of those tracks that were really great in concept and composition; but the mix took a little away from the impact of it. Nonetheless, listening from a lyrics and beat making perspective; the tracks that had these issues were still CLEARLY great tracks; which resulted in a high rating.

Overall, the album is SOLID. There's no question those who enjoy lyrics, laid back and heavy beats along with clear messages will appreciate what Cam brings on this project. This will definitely be on our MP3 rotations. -

"Cambatta Challenges Crooked Police of America (ALS)"

Cambatta Takes the ALS Challenge and adds a relevant twist. In what he appropriately calls the CBW (Cold Bloody Water) challenge, Cambatta challenges all the police officers across america who have had a hand in police brutality. This horrendous trend is getting out of hand and needs to stopped immediately. This challenge is not intended to offend or discredit the ALS challenge, but to raise awareness and concern for the racism violence that is taking place in Ferguson, Missouri and all over the world. - illRots

"Cambatta Breaks Down "The Womb" For Rap Genius"

Cambatta’s metaphorical riddle that is his track “The Womb” will have you in a doozy if you can’t decipher multi-layered entendres quickly but have no fear. The New Haven, CT artist breaks down the track from his new album, Smoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definite MetaGod Trilogy) for Rap Genius. After a joke about NASA wanting him to open a black hole, Cambatta gets straight into every single message found within “The Womb”. - Touch Of Daz

"Smoke & Mirrors: DMT Album Review"

It’s true that a single drop of ink can make a million people think. Flame-broiled sound beds with enough heat and radiance to put crispy critics to rest only widen the range of possibility for recording artists with vision.

New Haven, Connecticut rapper Cambatta is an infernal poet occupying that magical space between paradise and perdition. Is he the conscious rapper with a positive message for humanity, or a vile, hedonistic weed head with a natural gift for words?

By the sound of his album Smoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definitive MetaGod Trilogy) Cam’ is a defiant angel of contradiction who mocks such dichotomous labels that do nothing for artists but restrict and confine. His powerful 17-cut LP is an imaginative musical concoction of ganja, God, and glory. Check the shamanic fun guy with the fungi and listen to his Soundcloud page below. - The Diggers

"New Shocking Rap Video Depicts Tupac’s Murderer’s Confession To Police"

The murder of Tupac Shakur remains unsolved, but a new, startling rap video has the killer confessing to police in a fictionalized narrative. Cambatta has crafted a masterful, but deeply disturbing song called “Tupac Murder Confession,” where the rapper rhymes as if he were Tupac’s murderer. Wildly descriptive, with factual data, Cambatta explores the mind of the assassin in a creative way that has never been done before.

However, the visuals are certain to raise to raise the ire of fans and mourners that are just experiencing the 20th anniversary of ‘Pac’s death, a moment in history that forever changed music. In fact, AllHipHop recently explored the matter in a hard-hitting news feature (Read “Who Killed Tupac”) which peered into all of the complexities surrounding the matter. Lyrically, Cambatta goes in on “Tupac Murder Confession,” even though it will enrage some. In the past, Cam has proclaimed, “I belong to a specialized class of enlightened individuals who seek and spread knowledge.”

“Tupac Murder Confession” is creative in a world of lack luster content and the “killer” even expresses regret, remorse and contextualizes conspiracy – to a degree. “I might have conjured too much power for this thin chest / safe to say, these past 20 years, I been stressed / Tupac Amaru was an Incan king that was beheaded ‘cause he fought to keep his people free/ probably by a n***a that’s as weak as me / I killed the cub of a Panther mother that speaks to me,” he raps. However, does it cross the line into disrespect for an icon that met a tragic ending? Or does it take creative license over the top into legendary status? Watch the video and comment below. Pay close attention. As abrasive and bothersome this is,there are layers and subtleties that may escape after one listen. - AllHipHop.Com


The Visionary - September 9, 2009

The Visonary 2 - December 22, 2010

Smoke & Mirrors: The Porch - January 15, 2013

Smoke & Mirrors: The Womb - January 20, 2015

Smoke & Mirrors: The Crack Baby - March 10, 2015

Smoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definitive MetaGod Trilogy) - February 29, 2016



Less than 5 minutes from Yale university, 3 minutes from where the Amistad landed, and a staircase away from evidence of a government created crack epidemic. A fifteen year old kid from New haven CT, using Rap as a means of psychological escape, Self manifested himself as Cambatta.

High school became a place where Cambatta crafted and displayed his skillset, rather than a place of rigid indoctrination, and Cam quickly built a name for himself. After barely graduating Cam left home for FL on his own at 18, where through years of performance and recording he was able to further mature as an artist.

Cambatta released his first 2 projects, The "Visionary" and "Visionary 2" in 2008 and 2010 respectively receiving major online publicity and high honors among many of the worlds top Hip Hop media outlets and blogs with no budget. But it wouldn’t be until 2013 that Cambatta would really come into his own. He changed his way of thinking – with some chemical help – and created the powerful and trippy Smoke & Mirrors series, a three-mixtape collection that was released between 2013 and 2015. The trilogy took on mystical themes and melded them with reflections on childhood to create a voice that didn’t sound like anything else. After implementing marijuana, mushrooms, and other mind-altering substances into his creative process, Cambatta released "Smoke & Mirrors: The Porch" in January 2013 to rave reviews and created a niche fan base. 2015 saw the follow up releases of Smoke & Mirrors: "The Womb" and "The Crackbaby" which have become cult classics within the sanctum of trippy stoners and intellectuals.

Cambatta’s latest release is Smoke & Mirrors DMT: (Definitive Metagod Trilogy), a collection of some of the best songs of the series plus previously unreleased material. The new project LSD: Lunar Solar Duality will be released June 2017

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