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"Eugene Weekly (Oct.18th 2008)"

“CAMBIO, the progressive rock quartet out of Eugene with a fresh sound, rich with melodic tones has returned...The force of energy they produce live is of completely inspired originality, a “change” coming from with-in. The truth never sounded so good.” -Eugene Weekly (Oct.18th, 2008) - Eugene Weekly

""A Change Is Gonna Come" ~ Album Review"

A Change is Gonna Come

Eugene music fans can thank the fortuitous combination of a brewery’s generosity and a band’s inspired rock sounds for an exciting new local release. Popular beermeister Ninkasi Brewery is sponsoring Cambio, whose self-titled debut album is due out May 30. Though the name is Spanish for “change,” Cambio’s music isn’t Latin at all. Instead it’s a completely danceable fusion of guitar-led rock, pop and blue-eyed soul. And like a well-crafted brew, no single ingredient overpowers the blend of the whole.

The members of Cambio call themselves “progressive rhythm and blues,” but that’s not quite an adequate descriptor by itself. “On the Beach” sounds as if they’ve tapped into some underground spring of vintage garage and surf influences. Decidedly funkier is “In a Moment,” with a shape-shifting bass and a musical vocabulary that recalls the heyday of ’70s funk ’n’ roll. One track, “Holla,” reminds me of one of my most fave bands ever, The Sea and Cake. It has a swooning, sunny keyboard line and elegant percussion that lifts troubles right off my shoulders. From whatever genre their songs are approached, Cambio leaves open a spot to settle in and keep listening — and dancing — that feels just right.

Following the album’s debut, Ninkasi will sponsor Cambio for three short West Coast tours this summer, to spread the gospel of good beer and help Cambio find a wider audience, which shouldn’t be any trouble at all. — Vanessa Salvia (Eugene Weekly; May, 28th 2009) - Eugene Weekly; May 28th 2009

"Hayward Field Performance (April 2008)"

“One of Eugene’s favorite bands” -Hayward Field for state track finials - Announcer over loud speaker

""On The Air" KWVA 88.1FM"

“Emotive and instinctual music collaborated with penetrating and creative orchestrations. Each song emphasizes unique rhythms and melodies, that are exciting and catalyzing.” –Talia Winship of KWVA 88.1FM - Talia Winship


"CAMBIO" (debut self-titled album) Released May 30th 2009




"From whatever genre their songs are approached, Cambio leaves open a spot to settle in and keep listening — and dancing — that feels just right."
~ Vanessa Salvia (Eugene Weekly; May, 28th 2009)

About The Band:

The Eugene, Oregon, Rock ‘N Roll and Rhythm & Blues band ‘CAMBIO’. They hold an endorsement with Ninkasi Brewing Co. and have been touring regularly for the past year.

‘CAMBIO’, meaning “change” in Spanish, has been through quite a few changes in the past two years since the project began. Beginning as a rock trio, they have traded bassists, added keyboardist/second guitarist and introduced a new drummer. Despite the line-up changes over a short amount of time, the music and sound of ‘CAMBIO’ has been simmering to perfection. Maturing, shifting in new directions and growing into an influential positive force, focused and with purpose; like a well-crafted brew.

Their songs speak of hope and of something new to come. Written from personal experience of the pleasures and pains bringing about growth in life; the lyrics suggest a desire to transcend the delusion of dualism in society by clearing away hindrances on a celebrated path to truth. When asked about recent growth in audience attendance Robert Meade (vocalist/rhythm guitarist of the band) expressed, “Our performances are quite exciting for us and we pass that along to our audience. As a group we pride ourselves on our musicianship and precision on stage. We love this type of music and that’s what we want to portray.”

In April Cambio’s founder Robert Meade, along with wife and manager Talia Winship, launched “Your Mother’s Music”, a publishing and production company so that they may be able to give back to their community in a positive and helpful direction through benefit and community activities. “We strongly believe in our community and supporting local businesses. In fact the album was made completely locally; from the recording to post production, to the packaging, which contains all biodegradable material.” ~Talia Winship