Camel City Drivers

Camel City Drivers


We play indie alternative country in the spirit of Uncle Tupelo, Neil Young, Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch.


Amos, Jacob and Ash all grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and have been playing music together in one form or another since the sixth grade. While over the years their chief influences have migrated from punk rock flameouts to golden country greats, the Camel City Drivers haven't let go of the grit and the dirt, and their songs about sandy-soiled southlands, friends in trouble and forgotten family history provide a warmly threatening backdrop to a bumpy ride down a dirt road at dusk.


First album: All Day in a Lexus, 2002.

Second album: Ten Ways in Winter, 2004. Available on cdbaby at

Third album: Fables if the Lightning Belt, 2006. Available on cdbaby at and on myspace at

Set List

With the Dark
You're an Optimist
Willin' (cover)
One Hell
Come on Over
Balsam Ridge
Venus in Furs (cover)
Last Leaf
The Battle of Lake Erie

This Man
The Town Man

Total: About 90 minutes