Cameo Colours

Cameo Colours

 Edinburgh, Scotland, GBR

Cameo Colours combine elements of Alternative Rock, Indie and Math Rock to create a unique blend of music. Despite having a genre-straddling sound the band maintains commercial appeal due to the infectious pop-laden vocal melodies that are often juxtaposed with angsty disenfranchised lyrics.


Cameo Colours is composed of one Canadian (bassist Danen Sloan) and three Scotsmen (guitarist Daniel Crichton, vocalist/guitarist Scott Bruce and his drumming brother Jack Bruce). Although they have only been playing together for less than a year the roots of the band stretch back almost ten years to when Scott and Daniel first started writing music together at the age of twelve in the Northeast city of Aberdeen, Scotland. Now based in Edinburgh this four-piece mould American Alternative Rock influences such as Nirvana, Incubus and Jeff Buckley with British Indie influences like Bloc Party and The Maccabees to create rough energetic rock with infectious melodies and lyrics that talk about personal experience as well as political and social issues.

During their first six months the band focused a lot on recording their self-titled debut EP which they released online for free at the end of November 2011. The EP caused quite a buzz receiving over 1000 plays on the bands Bandcamp page in its first 24 hours. On top of this the EP was featured in some notable Scottish music blogs and has received extensive radio play from DJ’s such as In:Demand Uncut DJ Jim Gellatly and Amazing Radio’s Aaron Phillips. The band has also been busy on the Scottish gig circuit playing in Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The most notable gigs so far for the band include a gig at the 1500 capacity HMV Picturehouse in Edinburgh and support slots for acts such as Tubelord and Said the Whale, with the latter of those two bands praising Cameo Colours’ debut EP on their website.

Despite receiving attention from PR companies in Hollywood the band remain completely DIY, recording all of their music and producing all of their own artwork and videos. If 2011 has been a good year for the introduction of Cameo Colours then 2012 seems set to be the year that they really make an impact on the music industry.


EP - Cameo Colours (self-titled debut EP released on November 28th 2011)

Set List

Real Lies
Start As You Mean To Go On
Math Rock Chill
Old Records
Stay Tuned
Cameo Colours