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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Adema, Camera, Biotiqua, Red With Envy @ The Brick Works in Chico, Ca"

"Can I get everyone to give me the finger?" asked Camera's frontman, pointing a Polaroid at the now massive crowd as his bandmates took their places on the stage behind him. The crowd was happy to flip him off, but the camera didn't work. "Damn, I broke it," he muttered. "Oh well, who wants it?" Many hands went up and he tossed the broken camera out into the middle of them as the band launched into their melodically driven version of heavy rock that kept the sea of heads on the floor bouncing happily. The transitions were tight, the vocals were strong, the hooks were inventive and best of all, Camera's frontman had amazing stage presence - he was charismatic and engaging without giving the impression that he was trying hard to do so."
-Dana Hocking -


"...For The Moment"- Full length CD released in June of 2005

"Dirty Rocks Volume One"- compilation cd for Dirty Shirty Clothing company. Released in Spring 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


If a band has dreams of becoming rock stars, they have to already have something deep inside of them that pushes them above the competition and shapes them into something unstoppable. A band like that has to look like rock stars, act like rock stars, and sound like rock stars to make that dream a reality. In these respects, Camera never fails to deliver. Camera used to be known as A.D.D and had Mark Chavez as its front man with Joel Lopicollo on drums and Beak Sidhu on bass. Marky went on to form Adema (Arista Records) which left the band without a singer. In 2001, Camera recruited a new guitarist named Robert Collier who was soon nicknamed, Cracky. The band still needed a singer to round out the lineup, though. Marky ironically found his own replacement when he met Kevin Haviv who was working for Howard Benson (P.O.D/Hoobastank/Cold/Adema) at Bay 7 Studios during the making of Adema's album, "Unstable." Marky knew that Kevin was a vocalist that was looking for a band and he asked Kevin if he was interested in singing on an instrumental demo as a way of trying out for Camera. Kevin seized the opportunity and recorded some rough vocals over the music. Beak, Joel, and Cracky liked the way the songs sounded even though they were unpolished because they could see Kevins potential as a singer. The band went out to L.A to jam with Kevin as well as get some early recording done with him. The vibe was right and Kevin was invited to join the band. The group recorded their first demo in late December of 2002 at Jonathan Davis' home studio through a demo deal with Arista Records. Camera went on to tour with Adema on the first leg of their Unstable promotional tour and also landed dates with Papa Roach, Seether, and Pressure 45. In 2004, Arista dropped its only two rock acts on its roster and reported heavy financial losses, which prompted Arista President Antonio LA Reid to move to Island Def Jam. This label turmoil terminated all business relations with Arista and Camera took a brief hiatus to regroup. Camera indpendently released their first full length studio album titled "...For The Moment" on June 4, 2005. Camera is currently being shopped to FG Records (which is under the Sony/Columbia umbrella), but is still in the process of looking for the right label. Camera entered the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands 9 (along with 10,000 other bands), and were selected to play Warped Tour 2005 on the fourth of July in their hometown. This is a band that is going places and will not be ignored.