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Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Camera Review"

"This is neither a show or a band to be disregarded. Seriously, listen to these tunes and tell me that you won’t think twice about attending a show. And for the record, I’m not on the band’s payroll and am not soliciting for them under contractual or even fraternal obligations… this band is plain good, and deserves all proper respect." - -

"Album of the Month"

"Album of the Month" 2/09 - For all that I hated about a band like She Wants Revenge it somehow seems refreshing when delivered by Chicago veterans Camera. Perhaps it helps that they have been a mainstay in the local clubs since 2003, but on their newest EP, Fire & Science they channel the darkness of Ian Curtis, but filter it through a contagious pop groove. It’s the gloss and energy of a band like Friendly Fires tempered with a sense of paranoia and near depression. When they combine their talents the result is a pure eruption of energy. Now a full-length album is on the horizon. - The Deli - Chicago

"Camera - "Self-Titled EP" Review"

"Armed with moody guitars and a beat you can dance to, "Camera" is every bit exquisite as it is electrifying." - Illinois Entertainer

""Fire & Science" Review"

"Camera focuses on 1980s synth bands for its main inspiration on the thoroughly enjoyable six-song EP, Fire & Science. Tracks range from the tribal beat of “The Lasting Impression Of Emperors Passed” to the shimmering shoegazer of “One Neo Eon.” Singer/guitarist David Syvilian’s clipped, foreign-sounding vocals on “Wicked Wicked Games” are fun, and his twanging guitar playing is Cramps-worthy." - Illinois Entertainer '08 - Illinois Entertainer

"Jim DeRogatis Review"

"Camera...deliver the post-punk art-rock goods: Not only is the trio's version of the Feelies' "Moscow Nights" one of the most impressive I've heard (nobody covers the Feelies because the Feelies are just too hard to cover), originals such as "Wicked Wicked Games" and "One Neo Eon" are nearly as strong, doing proud the traditions of an era where it didn't seem unreasonable to pair ultra-danceable grooves with challenging musical ideas and often delightfully menacing sonic ambience." - Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun-Times 5/09 - Chicago Sun-Times

"Camera Review"

"Reminds me a bit of LCD Soundsystem but also with that kind of cool "surfer wanders into a lounge in a Jim Jarmusch movie" sound, and I think the Nick Cave comparisons are apt." - Sarah Rainone (Author of "Love Will Tear Us Apart") - Sarah Rainone

"Camera Review"

Justin C. Scro, Ryan Aylward, and Joseph Scro indeed deliver the goods with key tracks, such as the haunting and hearty “A Specific Window” off the album Fire & Science. The entire album confirms new wave’s darker moments as its greatest and sets the bar for indie-pop with strapping music from the instruments and lyrics to the performance. -

"Sun on the Sand Review"

"Camera have a very noticeable groove, adding a levity and dancy nature to their live set. There is a certain urgency in some songs that reflects the influence of early grunge and punk that helps them stand out. What is most impressive about them, though, is the depth of their overall sound." - 1/10 - Paul Bulow

"Camera Review"

"They mine the same anxieties about modern living as a group like Radiohead but, musically speaking, Camera sound more like a New Wave band that decided to pack their earth things up and join up with the Spiders from Mars. Definitely check them out - if someone picks them up, then they'll undoubtedly be a great band to watch." - Jonathan Graef (MFR Website) - MFR Website

"Chicago Examiner Review"

Armed with consistently strong tracks that aren't afraid to venture into a variety of musical worlds, Camera deliver an instantly memorable listening experience. - The Chicago Examiner


Camera - "Self-Titled EP" - 2005 Tight Ship Records
Camera - "Fire & Science" - 2008 AtmoWorks
Camera - "The Panic and the Permanence" - 2013 SR



Drawing from the nervosa of living in a modern society, CAMERA channel their energy into tightly woven tales of age, love, and distraction. CAMERA remain alert amidst the imposed sedatedness of the masses and bring their sounds out from underneath this veil of contempt in hopes of achieving an enlightenment often denied to the underclass of the working world. CAMERA is a triumvirate force utilizing the talents of Ryan Aylward, manipulator of low-frequency oscillations; Justin C. Scro, the voice of opposed reason; and Joseph Scro, pursuer of rhythm both in life and the artificial alike. Turning paranoia into energy and angst into action, CAMERA prepare to embark upon the general population, instruments in hand; ready to confront mediocrity, conformity, and the threat of drool-inducing entertainment.