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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Illinois Entertainer 1/06"

"...Armed with moody guitars and a beat you can dance to, Camera's "EP" is every bit exquisite as it is electrifying." - Dean Ramos

"SouthSide on the Town"

Camera opened Friday night’s Double Door lineup with a video screen of images and ambient rock music for the packed house. Their wicked guitar riffs and drumming truly had them hyped throughout the set. The animated antics by Ryan (Camera’s bassist) had him standing in front of the stage, hopping all over the place. He seemed especially fond of leaping on and off an amp during the 2nd song. SouthSide was completely sold on the band’s ultra cool and sexy look from David (Camera’s front man on vocals and guitar), as he wore his Corey Hart-inspired dark shades. His hot vocals had this Fearless reviewer swooning when he breathed “ha ha ha” during Wicked Wicked Games. Though she did like the use of random images on the screen, SouthSide felt its effectiveness was somewhat lost when competing with their incredibly powerful sound. The position and bright lighting also made it difficult to enjoy, however it did add some imagination to Camera’s songs. The images displayed on the screen when not overrun with shadows, worked perfectly well and on cue. For example during one song, you could see scenes of dancing people on the screen which coincided nicely with the music. The front of the stage erupted into a dancing frenzy while Camera performed this upbeat song off their new free CD.

Camera’s music varied from one song to the next, switching from punk-like rhythms to spacey, ambient rock. Not once did this band break long enough to catch their breath during the set. They kept the extreme momentum and excitement going all throughout the set, by moving straight into the next song on the playlist after the other was finished. This reviewer believed it was their offbeat and unique space rock riffs that the fans loved. Camera also had some amazing instrumental breaks that would change sometimes at the middle of certain songs before they ended it. One song SouthSide particularly enjoyed, opened with some Gregorian chanting and heart pounding drumming by Joseph. Their closing song took her by surprise because of its calming rhythms and music. It was definitely something one wouldn’t expect after their rockin’ opening number. But this mild beginning turned out to be merely the calm before the storm. It turned into one jammin’ closer as Camera rocked out the Double Door. Their fans were demanding for more from this band after that kind of finish. Judging by their uproarious response, SouthSide’s sure they will be attending Camera’s upcoming shows on Wednesday 10th Jan at the Tonic Room and on Tuesday, Jan 23rd at Martyrs’. - Fearless Radio


Self-Titled EP - Recorded with Barry Phipps (The Coctails) for Tight Ship Records. (2003)


Feeling a bit camera shy


CAMERA is a triumvirate force utilizing the talents of Ryan Aylward, manipulator of low-frequency oscillations; David Syvilian, the voice of opposed reason; and Joseph Scro, pursuer of rhythm both in life and the artificial alike. Turning paranoia into energy and angst into action, CAMERA prepare to embark upon the general population, instruments in hand; ready to confront mediocrity, conformity, and the threat of drool-inducing entertainment.

Defining the balance between the past and the future, CAMERA are taking their ideas before the amassing crowds in hopes that they may participate in a reversal of modern trends. Beginning this infiltration in the American city of Chicago, CAMERA have brought their message to the platforms of The Hideoout, The Double Door, The Beat Kitchen, and The Elbo Room, as well as numerous private societal events. Armed with grace and presence, these young men have discovered that in order to understand chaos, one must truly commit to becoming part of it.