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"Berimbau - Camerata Brasileira"

The quartet Camerata Brasileira (together for four years) has invested in the expansion of aesthetic frontiers of Brazilian instrumental music, challenging concepts, with liberty and boldness, astonishing in its quality and cohesion."

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"Noves For a - Camerata Brasileira"

A bit of jazz, a bit of choro -- all handled with a sound that's wonderfully complex, and a lot more sophisticated than you might guess for an acoustic quartet! The group features bandolim, drums, woodwinds, and guitar -- all used in a way that's often highly rhythmic, but which still manages to find the space for colorful explorations in sound -- almost in a way that reminds us of Quarteto Novo on some of the more lively numbers, but with a deeper, more contemplative approach at others. A few tracks do feature some larger orchestrations, but only just a bit -- and titles include "Berimbau", "Assanhado", "Tumaraca", "Hermeteando", "Noves Fora", "Cochichando", and "Pra Voces". (Note: Please excuse the title mis-spelling -- our spellcheck software has "corrected" the Brazilian word "Fora".)

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"Noves Fora : Etno-Jazz a su servicio"

Este trabajo requiere, por parte del oyente cierta complicidad y disposición. “Noves Fora” tal vez no sea el álbum adecuado para hacernos compañía en una atasco matinal, ni tampoco resulta especialmente tentador como música de fondo e una reunión de amiguetes. Todas y cada una de las composiciones incluidas en esta grabación de “Camerata Brasileira” nos exige un compromiso de atención y de tiempo. No es simplemente tener un manojo de segundos para ponernos los auriculares. Hay que disponer del minutaje preciso para aprender a “tarzanear” por las notas.

Si cumples con tu parte del trato, habrá sorpresas, seguro que las habrá, porque conseguir que los temas de “Camerata Brasileira” sigan un patrón es más difícil que meter en la bañera al hijo de mi vecino. Inicios funk que por alguna extraña razón acaban tras ocho minutos transformados en samba, tras dejarnos unos minutos de desasosiego “free”. Ritmos swing que preceden a un fraseo de bossa-nova, sin olvidarse el lado electrónico de la vida. Se podría decir que “Camerata Brasileira” aprovecha este “Noves Fora” para sacar de paseo su Etno-Jazz, tan desquiciado y compulsivo que no deja esquina musical por “marcar”.

Un álbum así se merece tratamiento VIP en nuestro “Nadie hablará de nosotras” y como tal lo recibiremos en un programa no muy lejano… - Nadie hablará de nosotras… - Eduardo Martínez

"Brazilian Jazz Spirit"

This album has far more of a jazz element to it than Deixa Assim. Use is also made of a greater variety of instruments including brass, saxaphone and drums.

Some of the songs have an ethnic/spiritual influence to them and are more sombre in style.

Farranos no Frevo is a song most like the music on Deixa Assim but with drums and brass added.

The real surprise on the album is Tumaraca Remix. A haunting ambient electro mix nothing like the rest of the album but not out of place.

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"Camerata Brasileira"

When I first built music.of.interest, I wasn’t really intending it to be a discovery platform, but a way to explore and research after you had made the discovery, thus the tag line ‘going beyond discovery’. I was wrong.

As more people have joined, I catch myself clicking over Latest Posts list to see what people have been bookmarking. If something catches my eye, I’ll hit the Explore link, and find out more. That happened this morning. Moyseslopes posted Camerata Brasileira. I hit the explore - nothing on Wikipedia, a match on All Music, but no information. This is usually my signal that it is time to try the mother of bad design, but lots of music, MySpace. Direct hit, I had four tracks to listen to, and I loved them. I bookmarked the band, and sent a note to a friend of mine that I thought might enjoy them. An hour later I noticed that Camerata Brasileira is now bookmarked by three people. If that’s not discovery, I don’t know what is.

So what does this mean for music.of.interest? What can I do to encourage this behavior, without distracting from the sites primary purpose - exploration and research. What do you think?

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Deixa Assim (2004)
Noves Fora (2006)



With an absolutely non-conventional musical approach, the made in RS quartet has been investing on the expansion of Choro’s esthetic limits, challenging concepts and prejudices by using both authorial material and reinventions, all of them loaded with huge amounts of freedom and artistic daringness. The result is an hybrid, intriguing and provocative work which has been splitting opinions, defying labels and gathering listeners since 2002; such work surprises the audience with quality and cohesion even when it brings us a sort of “weird” sensation. Besides the acclaimed performances and tours in many States throughout the country, Camerata Brasileira has in its curriculum the praised albums Deixa Assim and Noves-Fora.