Camerata Brasileira

Camerata Brasileira


Choro, jazz, samba, baião, experimental music, psychedelic music, improvisation, post-modernity, musical instruments, voices, electronic music so many other trends... whoever tries to label the music by Camerata Brasileira runs the risk of finding a little bit of all these things – and none of them.


With an absolutely non-conventional musical approach, the made in RS quartet has been investing on the expansion of Choro’s esthetic limits, challenging concepts and prejudices by using both authorial material and reinventions, all of them loaded with huge amounts of freedom and artistic daringness. The result is an hybrid, intriguing and provocative work which has been splitting opinions, defying labels and gathering listeners since 2002; such work surprises the audience with quality and cohesion even when it brings us a sort of “weird” sensation. Besides the acclaimed performances and tours in many States throughout the country, Camerata Brasileira has in its curriculum the praised albums Deixa Assim and Noves-Fora.


Deixa Assim (2004)
Noves Fora (2006)

Set List

Berimbau - Baden Powell
Prá Vocês - Rafael Ferrari
Assanhado - Jacob do Bandolim
Menino Hamilton - Rafael Ferrari
Noves Fora - Rafael Ferrari
Hermeteando - Camerata Brasileira
Cochichando - Pixinguinha
Tumaracá - Camerata Brasileira
Brasileiro - Hamilton de Holanda
Descendo a Serra - Pixinguinha