Camero Jones

Camero Jones


CD is done, that's right, Camero Jones has just finished his latest CD " Big Whiskey and has put it on his web site for you to download and for your listening pleasure.


In January 2004, Camero was abducted by aliens in Worcester, MA and put on a large vessel with a picture of a Greyhound dog on its side. Armed with only a pizza bag full of clothes and his only possession, his acoustic guitar, he set out to the streets of Austin, TX, literally. With over thirty years as a singer/songwriter and performer, Camero has sharpened his craft to create some solid Rock/Blues/Alternative vibes on Love Songs For The Shotgun. Now in 06 he has finished "Big Whiskey" an eclectic alternative Rock sound.


1980 Kings and Punks (indie)
1990 Bad Attitude (Locomotive)
1995 Beauty (single. Locomotive
2004 Love Songs For The Shotgun (Locomotive)
2006 Big Whiskey (Locomotive)

Set List

Camero Jones has hours of original music, and can do up to 2 hours for a set, setting the vibe for the particular crowd of that evening.