Cameron Allen Trio

Cameron Allen Trio


Fusion group The Cameron Allen Trio delivers a fiery, virtuosic blend of rock, jazz, classical, metal, and funk influences that's sure to dazzle and entertain! Along with Cameron's original compositions, the group is notable for its eclectic catalog of cover material, ranging from bluegrass to prog!


The Cameron Allen Trio is a progressive fusion group consisting of guitarist/composer Cameron Allen, drummer Chad Collins, and bassist Evan Breedlove. The group first came together to play at ProgDay in September 2011, then went into the studio shortly thereafter to record the album Between The Lines.

One of the USA‘s most promising up-and-comers, young guitarist/composer Cameron Allen began his musical journey early in life. After receiving his first electric guitar for his sixth birthday, he spent his formative years composing and playing instrumental music.

After years of playing and recording with various projects, he attended the Atlanta Institute of Music, where he received the Merit Scholarship and graduated with honors in 2010.

In 2012, he garnered attention with the release of his latest album, Between The Lines, which can be described as a true “fusion” project – a stimulating sonic mosaic of rock, jazz, classical, funk, and metal influences glued together by rich arrangements and lush textures, decorated with enough guitar gymnastics to satisfy even the most die-hard shred aficionados.

Cameron made even more waves in the international guitar community when he won the worldwide Next BendNote Talent Competition for guitarists, which was held in Paris, France in December 2012!

While often compared to virtuoso fusion guitarists such as Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, and Scott Henderson, this versatile and prolific young artist brings a fresh approach and unique personality to his work both as a composer and as a player!

His album, Between The Lines, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and

Cameron proudly endorses Vigier Guitars and Guitar Pro software, and is a BendNote sponsored artist.


Between The Lines (2012)

Set List

Jackknife On A Hairpin
The Loft
Cissy Strut
Proto Cosmos
Three Hundred Miles
Nervous Breakdown
Standing Room
Get It Like That
The Chicken
So What
Run Between The Lines By Night
Point d'Org
Little Wing
Snake Eyes