Cameron Burris

Cameron Burris

 Arvada, Colorado, USA

My name is Cameron Burris, a solo artist from Colorado. My music is heavily influenced by metal and rock, although it has undertones of blues and progressive rock. Music featured on my EPK is from my former band 'Downtied' which I was a primary writer for music and sole writer for guitar lines.


My major musical influences are: Pantera, Tool, Deftones, Sevendust, Slipknot, Chimaira, Aggressive Persuasion, Tommy Emmanuel, Peter Finger, Buster Jones, Joe Satriani, McCoy Tyner, Victor Wooten, Soundgarden, Tommy Bolin, Mudvayne's 1st 2 albums, Damage Plan, 311, Type O Negative, Buckethead, and Lamb of God. I love music from all genres. I am set apart from other acts in that I pull from many different styles but I don't try to copy or imitate what others do or have a formula to how I write. I try to let the music speak through me and therefore I'm very open musically. In short, music gives my soul a limb.

My story is that my love of all things music started early for me. I was surrounded by music and musicians all my life. My Father owned various studios and part of a local record label in Denver. (He is known for recording/producing & engineering Big Head Todd and The Monsters 1st two albums). As a child I knew I wanted to be a musician and I thought a drummer. Unfortunately, I had severe burns / injuries to my left hand but this was a blessing in disguise because doctors encouraged me to pick up a stringed instrument to keep my hand healthy, and that's when I began playing guitar. In my teenage years I was in many garage bands. In my early 20's, I was in a metal band called Downtied. We enjoyed local success and some minor national exposure. Like most young people, I had a dream to make it big and thought going to school for a degree in Music Performance and my band Downtied was the ticket. This dream was shattered in 2006 when my Mom died in a car accident and a couple months later my now wife became pregnant with our first child. I no longer had the financial support to continue in school, so I had to give up music and school for the time being and sell off most of my gear to make ends meet to take care of my new family.

The band fell apart, school had to be put on hold - but I never gave up hope that I would someday get the opportunity to finish my music degree and have a career in the industry; whether as a player or otherwise. I've had many supporters, but I've also had many people tell me to pack up and move on, but I refuse to let it go. Overcoming obstacles has enriched me and broadened my scope for a greater appreciation for the role music has played in my life to get me through tough times and also as a songwriter and musician. I'm resilient and I know that this is my chance - my opportunity to make music my career path and I'm excited for it!


Arise in Chaos

Written By: Cameron Burris

The state of man is coroding
Humanity lost in the wake
Society is blistered and bleeding
Our devastation unleashed

No turning back end of days
Mankinds salvation is throwen away
No peace in demise,
All hope deminished chaos will rise

Hate erodes us
Civilization decay
Destroying all that remains


Downtied created a self-titled EP which was never officially released, but a song from the EP was featured on our local rock station 106.7 KBPI (Program: Local Band Hang Out).

Downtied created a series of songs written for a video game pilot that was on the Spike & Mike's Twisted Festival of Animation. These songs were played throughout North America and parts of Europe.

The streaming music heard on my EPK (Songs: Entropy, Forcefit, Requiem, & Demise) are from my previous band Downtied's self-titled EP. These songs and others from the EP can be found on MySpace, Pure Volume and

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