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"Cameron Clark's debut E.P "This Dark Season is Reborn." It's really rather good..."

Brimming with self-assurance and killer tunes, it is hard to resist the beautiful noises produced by Ontario-based Cameron Clark. His music strikes the right balance between Americana, Indie and chilled out folk. One can draw the obvious line with Ryan Adams, especially with tracks such as “Sit Still”, which wanders into the realms of the “Love is Hell” years. It’s all good though, and frankly not a bad influence to draw from.

Having established his Alt Country credentials, Clark then moves into a more experimental arena with the psychedelically-tinged “Down and Out”, which despite, or because of the acoustic arrangement, rocks the house down. But all in all he sticks to familiar Alt. Country territory. Notably the twinky piano that plays in the background throughout is really lovely and definitely warrants a mention. Time flies when you enjoy yourself, and the same applies to "The Dark Season is Reborn".

If Clark's debut E.P is anything to go by, we can expect great things from this musician. This collection of tunes is a proper little gem and is definitely worth checking out.

Date review added: Monday, January 22, 2007
Reviewer: Sian Claire Owen
Reviewers Rating: 8 out of 10 - Americana UK


This Dark Season Is Reborn - Released September 2006



"For the first time in my musical life, nobody'll tell me I'm playing too loud," laughs Cameron Clark, reflecting on the acoustic undertones that make up a good portion of the six songs found on his debut EP, This Dark Season Is Reborn. "Now its just my voice, my guitar...just putting it all out there."

Most people have known Clark as the southpaw guitarist who has spent the last several years weaving his way around a fretboard for the likes of MapleMusic's soulful rock n' roll band Lovemethod or with Toronto mainstays The Urban Street Scandal.

"Its so hard to keep five or six people in the same collective head space...even if initially there is a spark or some sort of chemistry," says Clark. "Being in a band - especially writing songs as a band - is a big game of give and take. Its honestly like being in a committed relationship."

While spending his nights onstage pummeling notes through an old Fender amp, Clark found himself countering that by whiling away his days plucking Nick Drake-ish melodies on an old beat up acoustic. Little did he know, but he was subconsciously laying the groundwork for the honest, heartfelt songs that would later come to light.

While still making time for solo-acoustic appearances, Winter 2008 finds Clark fine-tuning his live performances with The Commune, a group of "old musical cronies" who have helped to flesh out the songs in a more electric environment.

"Its great being able to span both sides of the spectrum," says Clark. "I like being in the position that we can make every show totally different depending on the crowd, venue or availability of the be able to go from whisper quiet to sonically noisy over the course of evening is just a blast."