Cam Ewart

Cam Ewart

 The Basin, Victoria, AUS

“Take one part Ryan Adams swagger, add one part early Springsteen & Mix with a dash of Nick Cave imagery. Add two parts Tom Waits storytelling, shake well & serve in an old pair of boots.”


After fronting bands for 11 years, and supporting the likes on The Drones, Wagons & Don Walker, Cam Ewart released his debut solo album "Here Comes the Blood' in 2010. Album goes on sale via iTunes, and video for first single “Here Comes the Blood”picked up by Rage in Australia.

Beat Magazine in Melbourne describes it, as
“...Like Johnny Cash’s albums, this album is full of ‘Real’ songs”
And refer to Cam as "...a young Tim Rogers."

National radio servicing sees rotation on Radio up the East Coast.

As a writer, (he has written two novels), his musical stories combine blues, country and rock, all served on acoustic & electric guitars thru a vintage Yamaha Quad box. Cam chooses to let his music speak for itself, rather than bother adapting to ever changing trends.

Excerpt below from The AU Review

“Cam Ewart’s debut as a solo artist, Here Comes the Blood, is an engaging one, to say the least. Having supported some big hitters in his time, one would assume he has picked up some ideas, hints, and tricks from his peers. His work draws on equal parts rock, country, blues and folk, caring a varied and interesting sound.” "The Perfect Crime", performed like a whisper in the night, conjures up images of fleeing into the dusk, romanticising the dropping of all responsibilities and connections. It works as a closing note for the album as it swoops in, revealing all its secrets and troubles, and then leaves when finished with you. “


The Perfect Crime

Written By: Cam Ewart

Tonight’s the night my darling.
Tonight’s the night my sweet.
My engine still backfires when I turn it over, so I’ll meet you out in the street.
Cos I don’t want to wake up your sister.
She never did quite understand.
At 3:30 sharp, I’ll be out front,
Pack light and leave all that you can.
Pack light and leave all that you can.

We’ll drive til we can’t see no headlights,
And all the skyscrapers are farms.
And the stars in the sky look like diamonds,
And I’ll hold you here in my arms.

I told my boss I was leaving,
Got my last paycheck made out to cash.
Then I took all I could from the till and the safe,
And left him tied up out the back.

Cos this town feels like it’s getting smaller,
It’s borders close in year to year.
SO jump in my car, roll down the windows,
Lets get the hell out of here.

We’ll buy us a house near the ocean,
That could do with a new coat of paint.
And I’ll grow my beard and you’ll cut your hair,
Then we’ll change both of our names.

And the view from our window is astounding,
And on the right day and in the right weather,
The sky and the sea become one and the same,
And I swear I can see on forever.
Swear I can see on forever.

Edge of Town

Written By: Cam Ewart

Well, i know a little place on the edge of town. Where if you put your money down, they’ll take your frown & turn it upside down. They’ll treat you like a king with a cardboard crown. There aint no door charge. get in for free, aint no security as far as i can see. They just got one rule, thats if you drink too much. They’ll force feed you tequila till you throw up your lunch. Theres a man in the corner, on an old Steinway that keeps perfect tune, though had better days. He’ll sing you your song if you buy him a shot, and if he don’t know the words he’ll make ‘em up on the spot.
The owner is a little italian man named joe. Hes owned the place nine years or so. He bought it off the previous guy whos name was rick, who was one mean god-damned son of a bitch. He paid half the asking price of the previous boss who didnt care so much about the loss. He had to get outta town & outta town real quick, so he sold it to the next guy & off went rick.
Now, Around here at Joes. If you mess up his place, we will reciprocate by messing up the side of your face. But you cause no harm & let your cash flow free. We are some good friends to have in this rough city.
And they’ve taken the mirrors from off the bathroom walls, cos after awhile your reflection it starts telling all. About the things you have done & the things you regret, and those holes in your eyes that you’d rather forget.
Now theres this gal called wanda whos all liquor & lace, and shes been around so long she could own the place. She will spend one night talking to you, you wont be able to escape, and she will own you like the scar on the side of her face. See her last boyfriend went & hit her around. he was a weasly lookin man by the name of brown and one night here at Joes he went & cut her pretty face, so us regulars sent him to his resting place. We done buried him alive in the woods outta town. He was still kicking in the bag when we threw him in the ground. The sound made me sick. i threw up for a week. But we can rest knowing thats the only scar on her cheek.
Around these parts they are all acquaintances & friends. Sometimes its hard to see where one starts & the others ends. You’d better learn how to swim or you will most likely drown, in this seedy little bar on the edge of town.

Apoligize in Advance

Written By: Cam Ewart

I just wanted to apologize in advance.
I know in the scheme of things its still quite early in this romance. And don’t get me wrong, I’ll love you forever, but heres some things I do that just aint clever, so I just wanted to apologize in advance.

I know your thinking, now where’s he going with this? I know that he can play the fool when hes out on the piss. But don’t get wrong, cos darling I need ya. Id do anything, I just wanna please ya. But I just wanted to apologize in advance.

And if its time that you want, well its about a quarter to three. And Id tear down the stars and the moon, if its space you need.

Heres a few things I wanted to get off my chest. When it comes to making decisions, you know I aint the best. And when it comes to taking life’s little tests, I don’t often pass, more wind up on my ass, so I just wanted to apologize in advance.

And if its time that you want, well its about a quarter to three. And Id tear down the stars and the moon, if its space you need.

So If your asking “is he a keeper”, well I’ll answer yes.
And would I do anything for your smile, you bet.
But if I piss you off with the hours I keep, or the liquor and herbs that help me get to sleep, well just remember I apologized in advance.

And if its time that you want, well its about a quarter to three. And Id tear down the stars and the moon, if its space you need.

All the Worlds a Stage-Part 2

Written By: Cam Ewart

And if all the worlds a stage then whats the part I'm supposed to play?
And if all the worlds a stage then whens the show?
And if everyone's an actor in it, who's the fucking star, and who's the one who gets it in the end?


"Here Comes the Blood"-Full length LP.
Released 24/04/2010
(E.P Version available via iTunes.)

"Here Comes the Blood"-Single.
Featured on RRR, PBSFM, ZZZ, FBI and ABC Radio.
Film Clip featured on Rage.

"All the World's a Stage Parts 1 & 2"
Score for short film written and performed by Cam Ewart. Film screening as part of MIFF 2011

"A Demo"-3 Track Sampler. Early Demo.

"A Single" 1 track sampler.