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"The Holiday King Endeavors Toward World Record Book"

(Prudent Press Agency)---Atlanta, GA -- In a genre riddled with bogus claims of street prowess and lyrical skill, it’s refreshing to encounter an artist from the faction of hip hop who actually demonstrates honor and probity in his actions and words. Having earned the epithet of “ The Holiday King” for releasing a song for every holiday since Christmas 2007, independent hip hop artist C.A.M.IL has proven himself to be a man of his word with the upcoming release of his long awaited compilation ‘Annual Anthems’.

Exalted as the only collection of it’s kind and scope, Annual Anthems promises much more than celebratory tunes. The quality of the music is astounding, with the artist unleashing a major jolt of narrative skill and energy that is both contagious and compelling. The CD will not only make C.A.MIL, eligible for entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for it’s uniqueness and magnitude, but will effectively prove his statement “This My Year“ as expressed in his New Years anthem at the start of this year long holiday song marathon.

Scheduled for official release on December, 2nd, 2008, the collection of songs to be included on the Annual Anthems CD can be previewed from, the artist’s official web site.
- Musicians Net Team

"Triple Awards for "Barack The Vote""

Published on 9/23/2008

Just three short months following the release of his blockbuster CD "BARACK THE VOTE" ( 6/17/2008), yet another single from the CAMIL collection has earned an award! "Go Girl" a sensuous collaboration featuring R&B artist FATINA, will be featured as Track of the Day in Hip Hop on GarageBand Records award winning website on 28Sep2008. This is the third hit from the CD to win a showcase on the site providing well deserved exposure for the dynamic lyricist and hip hop artist.

Already a favorite song on , CAMIL recently released a pictorial video for “Go Girl” that is causing chaos across the web! Bringing the lyrics to life with visuals of a barrage of bumptious bootys, CAMIL is becoming ever more controversial with his sexually explicit music. A similar video promoting his song Hit List was removed from Myspace TV after receiving over 10,000 views during the recent promotion of CAMIL's " I AM SO SO DEF!" entry in the BET Hot 16 Challenge competition. The video was censored for it's depiction of sexually suggestive pictures of a plethora of celebrity females including Oprah, Hillary Clinton and Condelesa Rice.

The CD abounds with versatility by mixing signature sex raps , traditional love songs and a vibrant display of CAMIL’s social consciousness. Debuting as the number 1 political song on, the title track remix "BARACK THE VOTE (OBAMA VOTE PLEASE) continues to top the charts. The song is also racking up awards at Garage Band Records ( receiving kudos for Best Bass in Rap, week of 8Sep2008 and Track of the Day in Rap on 14Sep2008.

Another favorite on the CD is the mother's day tribute, 'Always Love You Momma". A remix of The Notorious B.I.G.'s classic "Will Always Love Big Poppa". CAMIL effectively takes possession of the track with heartfelt lyrics delivered with truth and finesse. The song was the Garage Band Records reviewers pick for Best Lyrics and Melody in Rap, week of 4Aug2008 and It was also featured as Track of the Day in Rap on 19Aug2008.

Composed of 18 solid hits, including a special track produced by award winning Vudu Spellz Productions specifically for the Barack The Vote Lyrics, the " Barack The Vote" CD is destined to bring CAMIL into the hip hop spot light. It is available for sale on itunes,, and







K-DUBBIL (2002)






Background: CAMIL(Chicago Area Midwest IL) Born in Kankakee Illinois, a small town 50 miles south of Chicago stated to be the worse place to live in America by Places Rated Almanac,USA Today, Readers Digest and David Letterman, has taken the hip hop scene by storm ! Receiving stellar reviews of his music and his style from an international fan base, CAMIL has proven that the best things can come from the worst places.

Industry Experience: CAMIL has recorded 13 underground tapes and CD's since 1998 and has independently arranged for mass distribution through a multitude of channels. He has proven to be a talented and versatile artist.

His 2006 release " Why U Ain't Signed" was produced by Vudu Spellz, whose chart topping production Georgia",performed by Ludacris and Jamie Foxx, was nominated for a Grammy award in 2007. Vudu also received nomination credits that same year for his contribution to the Ludacris hit album Release Therapy'. His discography includes producing tracks for Chingy, R Kelly, Reuben Studdurd, Young Guns, Shawnna, Do or Die, EightBall and MJG, just to name a few.

CAMIL was featured on the soundtrack " A Get Together" which included Kanye West, and Boyz 2 Men. He also appears in the 2006 release of the
movie "The Coalition" with Reakwon and Power from The Wu-tang Clan, Chuck Zito, Michael Wright, and Frank Vincent. His recent release's "C.A.M.IL" (3/6/2008) and "Barack The Vote" (6/17/2008)are available now on itunes, amazon, and napster.