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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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Camille Newman @ Drom Bar & Restaurant

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Camille Newman @ Centennial Park

Roosevelt, New York, USA

Roosevelt, New York, USA

Camille Newman @ Life Center

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brooklyn, New York, USA

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From the Broadway stage to the live concert stage, Camille gives back
Written By: Valerie on March 8, 2011

Recently Camille Newman hosted a show with several artists to benefit Mustard Seed, a charity in Jamaica that started as a home for abandoned and disabled children and today serves over 500 children and young adults with disabilities, children who are HIV positive, pregnant teens and their babies. Camille shares her story as a Broadway actress/musician and how she integrates her compassion for others into her music.

How long have you been writing music and performing?

I have been singing/performing much longer than I have been writing. Interesting fact- I used to play the violin, that was really my first passion, but my mom is a singer so I just followed in her footsteps. At age 10, I remember playing the role of Mary in my first play, and I have been singing ever since. I was born in Jamaica but when I migrated to the United States I joined various ensembles and choirs. I really began to write in college. My first songs were awful and were always about some kind of hurt and pain but when I became a Christian I started to write songs about how God helped me through hurt and pain. Then in 2006 I decided why not record it, someone might like it….and so today I have an independent gospel CD called “Unashamed”!

You played Effie in Dreamgirls on Broadway and the Brooklyn Revival. How did that experience translate to your current original project(s)?

Before the role of Effie, I didn’t really think I could sing. I thought I was just okay! When I was selected as Effie, it was such a shock to me, I worked day and night at perfecting the role. I grew to appreciate what my voice was able to do. The play was directed by Tony Award Winner Ben Harney who runs an organization called BAMSS Theater Works and he helped me with my confidence. I became comfortable with expressing myself vocally, before I was extremely shy and reserved when I needed to sing. I also immediately identified with the character Effie. She was curvy, smart mouthed, but she was also an outcast because she didn’t fit the stereotypical role of a singer- this was me! The workshop lasted for almost a year and during this time I wrote about 60 songs, 9 of which are now on my current album. The experience in Dreamgirls caused me to become bolder about life and taking chances. I thank God for it all the time, because so much creativity poured out of me. I still have songs that I wrote during this period that I still want to record.

Recently you put together a showcase of artists. How did you select the other artists on your bill?

Well I have sang backgrounds for everyone so I am connected to quite a few other artists. I am apart of a new genre of music that we are trying to establish- “Christian Life Music” – and so I got musicians who are dedicated to bringing this to the industry. Christian Life music is non-traditional music that talks about what we deal with in every day life and how God sees us through it. It is certainly more contemporary and is influenced by rock, soul, reggae, you name it. So I got artists who sing this inspirational music with a twist. We are a small group of artists but we are hoping that one day we will have a big impact in the industry. We also don’t want to be boxed in but we just want people to know we sing about God and we sing about life.

Tell us about Mustard Seed, your connection to the organization and why you decided to design a showcase around it?

The mustard seed is a charity I volunteer with when I go back home to Jamaica. Truly I decided that I wanted to do something for the charity. They do such awesome work. They have shelters in Jamaica and they support disabled children, children who are HIV positive and even young teen mothers. I think it is so easy to get caught up in yourself and what you want to do with your life. I felt myself doing that with my music, being disappointed that my music wasn’t taking off, but I decided to take the focus off of myself and to put it on others. I think now that I have done it I will continue to talk about the charity when I perform and I hope to do an annual fundraiser for this awesome charity. It is great to sing and perform but I think true success is when you make a difference in what you do and you help to mobilize people and get them to care about an issue.

When you write a song, is it about the music, the words, does it all come at once or change each time?

I hear a song in my mind, it’s weird I don’t know how to describe it, but sometimes I hear a full band playing my song before it is even arranged. I write the words and melody and then I work with my producer – Andrzej Danek who takes his time with me to get it out of my head and recorded in the studio. The song does evolve, as we work in the studio but it always begins from my words and melodies.

Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to make music?

EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!! I love reggae, rock, soul……everything from Aretha Fraklin, Etta James, to Coldplay, Adele, Ryan Adams, even Bruno Mars. I listen to everybody. I want my sound to be different, and I think as I continue to grow my music will continue to change. My inspiration comes from my daily life. Somedays I am up and other days I have joy so I write about it at every turn. Even when I am at work or riding the train I am writing. So I am always thinking, always creating in my head. I also always write about God he inspires me big time!

What is your goal in music? What would be enough and what would be your dream?

Tough question. Sometimes I am afraid to dream because you worry that it won’t happen. You never want to set yourself up for failure, but if I had my way we would be a band that would tour the world telling people about God’s goodness, just in our unique way! There is this band Delirious- they are a Christian Band from the UK. I marvel at their huge success and they are a Christian Band. They fill arenas worldwide, and they are passionate about God as well as humanitarian issues. Good enough would be to do this full time and make enough money to pay my bills! I am not sure where God is taking me, I am just hoping for the best and hoping that wherever it is it will be an exciting journey.

What do you have in the works for 2011?

I am trying so hard to be apart of at least two outdoor summer concerts this year. We are just having some challenges making connections and bookings but I am still hoping for open doors.

Where can we find your music or hear you play?

My CD is called “Unashamed” and you can find it on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon and other digital outlets. We are not sure where we are playing next, but everyone can follow me on twitter @camyinsong or my facebook page Camy in Song to get info as soon as we get it.
- New York Planet Media

Three years ago, Camille Newman was lying in bed battling a crushing depression, when she suddenly began humming a melody that lifted her spirits. “It was the begining of what would become ‘God Is My Source,’” she says. “And I decided to finally put to song all of the issues I’d been dealing with.”

When the emerging gospel artist began recording her debut album, Unashamed, she knew she wanted to create a unique sound that incorporated all of her musical influences from techno to reggae to classic R&B. “General praise and worship albums are great, but I wanted to create music that was going to speak to an audience that was saved, but still dealing with a lot of issues that young females face, such as broken relationships and trying to make your mark in the world. Trying to juggle those issues while being a saved, single female is very hard,” Camille says.

The resulting Unashamed, is an album penned entirely by Camille Newman, that reflects upon how God pulled her out the many painful struggles she’d experienced in the way that only His word can.

“I looked up to Mary J. Blige as a teenager, because she kept it real. So I wanted to keep that same realness, but infuse how God helped me through certain situations.”

The melding of contemporary sounds with gospel lyrics is evident from the CD’S opener and first single “Life Back”, which would get the dance floor of any club or --church pew-- equally rocking. But Unashamed contains not only club banger style hits, but also classic ballads, such as “Love” and nods to Camille’s Jamaican heritage with the reggae infused “Give Him the Praise.”

Already firmly established in the local New York City gospel scene, Camille recorded her CD as a way to spread her message of hope, love and resilience to more than just those who attend Christian churches on Sunday. Unashamed introduces the hottest undiscovered Christian artist to her inteded audience—Everyone.

- Christina Morgan

Camille Newman represents Christ In Culture with "Unashamed"
by Michael Llrae' Clark
Camille's vocals, tracks, and lyrics are fearless in this premiere CD. This project unabashedly takes music back to it's intended form which is to to stir something within and ultimately uplift, motivate and inspire. The songs found on "Unashamed" is a bold statement of faith and a must-have. if your goal is to offer gifts for one's mind, body and spirit-this is it! Congratulations on this stellar premier. It will be a blessing to the body of Christ--just you watch and see! - Michael Llrae' Clark


A Place Called Heaven
Make it
Lights Camera Action
We've Been Through This Before
God Is My Source
Life Back
Letters From A Broken Heart
Give Him The Praise
Just Wait



Stellar vocals, original sound, dynamic performer, writer, and actress, all define recording artist Camille Newman. Born and raised in Jamaica West Indies, Camille easily found her calling in music at an early age. She was first a violinist but then went on to pursue her gift in song. After entering and winning countless talent competitions, it was only a matter of time before she would turn her gift into her ministry. Camille migrated to the U.S. in 1992 and when she was just 15, quickly caught the attention of major record labels eager to invest in her talents. Despite disappointments and a few setbacks, Camille kept going. In 2006, Camille was casted for the lead role as Effie in the revival of the Broadway hit “Dreamgirls” directed by Tony Award winner Ben Harney. It was there that Camille confirmed her place in music and in life. Camille began working on her solo project right away, and in 2009 she released her first studio album “Unashamed.” The album was a collection of songs and letters to God pouring out her heart in every note, on every track. Her sophomore effort “A Place Called Heaven” is nothing short of the last, a must have for all. In her music Camille bares her soul leaving her all in the lyrics. Her message is one of deliverance, forgiveness, and complete freedom in Christ. Her new album, “A Place Called Heaven,” is a pop inspired collection of songs. She sings about her struggles with life as a Christian, yet, finding hope and freedom in God. Camille is vocally trained and sings on the Praise and Worship team at Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, where she is a member.

Open Stage NYC
Christian Cultural Center
ODX Extreme Praise Radio Show
Bread of Life Radio
Knitting Factory, Brooklyn
Helen Mills Theater, NYC
Little Theater, St. Johns University
Drom NYC
Atlanta Fest
Kingdom Bound Festival