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This band has not uploaded any videos



"One Last Time on Billboard World Song Contest"

Judges comments are:

"Good song nice lyrics and melody, simply done"

--Billboard World Song Contest 2005, January 29, 2006
- Billboad Magazine

"One Last Time gets "reviewed""

"One Last Time" - Nothing Else Needed
Take James Taylor and the artist formerly known as Prince, mix them together and perhaps add just a smiggen of Savage Garden (and not too much, please) and you've got this... a beautifully sung acoustic piece with ample harmonies. Nothing else needed. No drums, no electric anything. Just a voice and a guitar. A simple, intimate piece. 'Nuff said.

--Jzerony, GARAGEBAND, August 14th, 2005
- Garageband


1986 - LP - Onda Choc - Namoro - CBS
1987 - LP - Onda Choc - Vem Dançar - CBS
1988 - LP - Onda Choc - Namoro - CBS
1997 - LP - Sétimo Céu - Polygram
1997 - Single - Foi Só Um Olhar - Polygram
1997 - Single - Sétimo Céu - Polygram
1997 - Single - Feitiço - Polygram
1999 - LP - Dono Do Tempo - BMG/EMI Publishing
1999 - Single - Viver e Vencer - BMG/EMI Publishing
1999 - Single - Espaço Protegido - BMG/EMI Publishing
1999 - Single - Ter-te Junto a Mim - BMG/EMI Publishing
2003 - Meant To Be - Morangos com Açucar TV Series Soundtrack - Farol/EMI Publishing
2004 - LP - Meant To Be - Farol Music/EMI Publishing
2004 - Single - Meant To Be - Farol Music/EMI Publishing
2004 - Single - Hello - Farol Music/EMI Publishing
2004 - Single - Can't Breathe - Farol Music/EMI Publishing
2004 - Hello - Queridas Feras TV Series Soundtrack - Farol Music/EMI Publishing
2006 - LP - Stories Of A Recent Past - CamilloMusic/Vidisco/CamilloMusic
2006 - Das-me o Mundo - Fala-me de Amor TV Series Soundtrack - Farol Music/CamilloMusic
2007 - So De Nos Dois - Doce Fugitiva TV Series Soundtrack - Farol Music/CamilloMusic



Born a Portuguese on September 8, 1975, Camillo started recording albums in the early the age of 11, as a member of a teenager band called Onda Choc, releasing 3 LP's for CBS and touring for 3 years. After many experiences from classical music to playing keyboards in a garage band, 1996 saw Camillo going back to the recording world, signing with Polygram as a member of one of the first and most successful Portuguese boy bands "Setimo Ceu". After releasing their first album they went on a tour performing for audiences over 20.000 people. In 1998 Camillo went to London to work with the acclaimed producer Luis Jardim and in 1999 he released his first solo album for BMG, going Nr.1 on the radio charts all over Portugal. After 2 years of touring and songwriting he got together with the musician and producer Luis Bettencourt to work on his 2nd solo album, traveling to the Azores Islands of Sao Miguel, Pico and Terceira where they started the recordings an then to Boston,MA and Los Angeles,CA where they met with Nuno Bettencourt (member of the 90's rock band EXTREME) to finish the recordings and mix the album. The major Portuguese TV network TVI asked Camillo to include two of his new album songs in the soundtracks of what would become the the most successful Portuguese TV series ever, selling over 7 platinum albums. On January 2004, after his participation on the most successful Portuguese TV Show ever "Quinta das Celebridades" (Celebrity Farm) Camillo went to London to work on new material with the Culture Club acclaimed producer Steve Levine and learn new recording "tricks". Between 2005 and 2006 Camillo wrote the songs of his latest album Stories Of A Recent Past. Working with his brother Mguel Camilo in his recording studio, Camillo and Miguel produced two different album versions, the Portuguese Edition, including songs written both in English and Portuguese, and the International Edition, with 13 English written songs. The Portuguese version of Stories of a Recent Past was released in Portugal in October 2006 (with a Camillo live show in Casino Estoril) and includes the songs "Das-me o Mundo", song also included in "Fala-me De Amor" TV series soundtrack album, "So De Nos Dois", song currently playing on TV series "Doce Fugitiva" and also included in "Doce Fugitiva" TV Series soundtrack album, and "Da-me Uma Razao", song currently playing on top TV series "Morangos Com Acucar" and also to be included in it's soundtrack album. CamilloMusic has just signed a deal to get Stories of a Recent Past both Portuguese and International versions selling worldwide on I-Tunes, Naspter, Sony Connect and Rhapsody online digital music stores. Both album versions are expected to go live before April 22, 2007.