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Smart, Energetic, Thoughtful, Playful.


Camilo reigned over the Swedish rap scene throughout the late '90s and early 2000s and steadily built up his reputation as one of Sweden’s finest in the process. The Linkoping rapper made his splash debut 1998 with his band Ship Of Fools and cranked out one album and numerous singles throughout the decade and into the next. He retained a strongly devoted fan base, not only the average suburban listeners but also the street-level crowd as well and challenged whatever rivals attempted to oust him from atop the rap industry.

As a result of his unchecked power, Pierre Camilo aka Camilo and his Ship Of Fools affiliates together with ADL, Sherlock, Loop Troop, Kashal-Tee and more, greatly influenced the Swedish rap industry during the late '90s and early 2000s.

Born in Sweden and raised in Italy, Camilo underwent some tough times after his father left his mother before the young rapper was even a teen. Without a man in the house, he became a self-supportive youth, turning to the streets doing what needed to be done to make money.

Ship Of Fools caught the attention of a local label L-style. They released Live & Direct (1998) recorded at Tambourine Studios where great bands like The Cardigans is a frequent guest. This generated gigs. Opening up for acts like The Roots, Mos Def, Jurrasic 5, Wild Child of The Lootpack and more.

S.O.Fs debut and 12” React to this/The Golden tongue massacre (1997) became well received among fans. Next single, City Life 2000 (1999) was a split vinyl featuring Scoob Rock and Chris Long. Camilo himself showed few signs of lightening up, particularly on brash songs like Selected. The single was sold out in three weeks and is considered to be a collector’s item.

Ship Of Fools single Check The Resumé/Say What (2000) sounded both distinct and unforgettable
feat Jaggla and EvilClone. Camilo returned two years later with another single ”It’s my turn” (2002).
Here Camilo made his solo debut and even got the hard crowd in N.Y to soften up. On his latest project
he selected producer Earmax. He made songs with underground front figures like Akrobatik,
Sage Francis, Freestyle from the Arsonist, Luis Logic, Wordsworth to a name a few. Camilo is now focused to release his debut album “ Till Smart Do Us Be” dropping in next spring on his own label Starving Artist Ent.

He was asked to do remix on Jill Scotts latest single "Golden" where he dropped a vers. Unfortunately they decided not to have a rapversion. They went for a latino remix instead. But in the other hand they could have chosen any rapper from the U.S.A


Live & Direct 98' on L-style
Ship Of Fools- Materials (single)
Selected-10 years with Ship Of Fools 2004
cd contains unreleased and released materials.

CD Compilations
The Basementality Mixtape 2004
Jakten på underjorden I-Subsurface unseen
Jakten på underjorden III- Cannibal Nigguz
Jakten på underjorden IV- Materials feat Akem
Diggin' in the Swedish creates- Next to the complex
Åhh festivalen- Selected

12" React to this/The golden tounge massacre
12" Citylife 2000 feat Scoob Rock & Chris Long
12" Check the resumé/Say What feat Andrew & EvilClone
12" It's my turn/Cannibal Nigguz

Set List

His show is around 20-30 min. A typical set consist of 5-6 songs. A dj showcase. Interaction with the crowd is standard. He play his own songs but also famous instrumentals people recognize. His shows are tight. 100% energetic. But most important of all, He make shure people have a good time.