The group translates into songs a characteristic language, extremely Brazilian, what can naturally can pass as classic music, urban or popular. The classic influence is perceptible in the vocal arrangements, in the harmony and in the musical direction. The popular culture is present in the rhythms


The group “Camiranga” has been originated by “Madeira de Lei”, founded in 2003 by Léo Nascimento e Fernanda de Paula. They have arrived in São Paulo from Minas Gerais, as the group “Sagarana”, outstanding in the musical scene of Minas Gerais, where they have received several prizes in popular music festivals and have recorded the CD “Margens Flacidas”, with the support of a culture incentive town law. The musical direction of the CD was been made the multi instruments player Gilberto Mauro. They had recorded two video clips, the first one was directed by the movie makers Sandro Serpa end Bel Bechara, awarded by the Maranhão Festival as the Best Video; The second one was directed by Pablo Lobato and has been played by MTV Brazil end Brazil TV Channel. “Margens Flacidas” has been presented in a show, with the direction by Julio Maciel, actor of the group “Galpão de Teatro” in several theaters and clubs in Belo Horizonte and in Sesc Ipiranga, São Paulo. In 2005 with musicians from São Paulo, they have recorded the CD and produced the show “Madeira de Lei”. This show have been toured around the city with presentations in “Teatro Escola Brincante”, “Galpão Raso da Catarina”, “Feira de Artes da Vila Madalena”, “Centro de Preservação Cultural da USP”, ‘Centro de Cultura Judaica”, “Projeto Casulo” and “Café Piu-Piu”. They have been also contemplated for the Cultural Action Program (PAC 27) by the council of culture, with the project “Madeira de Lei in the Park”, in 2006. The group name has been “Camiranga”in 2007. The group has realized two free shows and a talk with the public in the amphitheatre of the Villa-Lobos Park with the support of “PAC”. They have presented a show in the “Centro de Convivencia Social” in Campinas, during the “Virada Cultural Paulista”; in the “Centro de Preservação Cultural” and in the “Projeto Casulo”, they has also recorded the CD “Camiranga”.


Mergens Flacidas- 2003
Madeirade Lei - 2005
Camiranga- 2007

Set List

Camiranga - 5 min 25 sec
Chuva no Quintal - 4 min 56 sec
Miserê - 5 min 6 sec
Onilé - 3 min 36 sec
Avessos - 3 min 32 sec
Contador de Histórias - 3 min 19 sec
Criolo Doido - 3 min 26 sec
Beira do Cais - 3 min 7 sec
Retorno das Águas - 3 min 48 sec
Pau de Dar em Doido - 3min 3 sec
Tambor Guia - 4 min 55 sec
Saudade de Aruanda - 4 min 18 sec
Total: 53 min