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*Check out my promo/sampler CDs at *

-"Come My Way" mixes licensed at" and released by Dashboard Music Label

-Work for

-"Come My Way" is also being used in a short film and by some professional dancers in Texas.

- "Anything for You" made it to Unique Compilation Series: Program 4.

-"Not the End - Trance Vecio Remix" very popular

-"How Many Times" - feat. Cami; Nathan D remix, written by Square Bear (trance)

-"Desperately Seeking You" (pop) - written by Noel Cohen/Emory Songs, April Start, and Neil Krin; Placed me in "Top 5 Vocalists" at SingerUniverse, Jan. 2005.

-"Simply" (written by Cami)- Maxwell's trance remix
-"Let Me In" (written by Cami) - M4NW ambient remix

-"Come My Way" (written by Cami) - vocal trance, Cami's original mix

"Anything For You" (written by Cami) - hard trance

-"How Many Times" (Perfect Planet radio edit) written by Square Bear - trance

-"Never Again" - vocal trance, written by Cami and MikeD

-"Not The End" (written by Cami) - Michael Vecio trance remix

-"Never Again" (written by Cami) - Acidic Reality electronica remix

"Not The End" (written by Cami) - mellow electronica/alt/pop mix

-"First Light" - vocal trance written by Cami and DJ Dance Factory

-"Nothing to Hide" - acoustic folk/pop written by Cami

-"Let Me In" - mellow electronica/alt/pop written by Cami

-"Simply" - acoustic folk/pop written by Cami

-"By The Bay - acoustic folk/pop written by Cami

-"Endless Summer" - pop - written by Noel Cohen and Jenny Bruce

-"Here Again" - acoustic female piano ballad written by Lisa Marie Brennan

-"Let Me In" - Cami trance mix

-"Alone in the Crowd" - written by Square Bear , trance

-"I Still See" - female pop by Lisa Marie Brennan and Jackie Worth

-"If We Are Ever Apart" -vocal house/trance by Jose Camargo

-"Nothing to Hide" (written by Cami) - DT King remix

-"Were You A Dream" pop -Larry Williams/Judy Krueger


Feeling a bit camera shy


I am primarily a trance/electronica vocalist and wish to pursue this much more professionally with European & other overseas pros, since it's so popular there.

But of course I'll work w/ USA pros too! I also love most styles (and write most styles, mainly lyrics though), incl. AAA, pop/rock/alt, standards/blues/musicals, classic rock, covers, and more.

I'm more interested in recording and licensing/placement/publishing than live, but I'll consider live in the right situations. I am not really interested in whole bands/groups however (for live) unless doing backup or chorus. I prefer 1-3 (4 at most) for backup bands, or duos. In-studio I don't mind solo or any number of other singers/musicians.

My originals are always free or near-free to remix for unsigned/beginning DJs/producers or pros on spec/credit.

I'm available for paid demo/in-studio work or spec for pro songs of the styles I need. My rates for paid demo singing are $25-$50/hr. If you are local I can sing at your studio; if you are not in LA, I will sing at a local inexpensive-yet-great studio if you cover the cost for the studio time (appx. $50/hr including engineer, basic mixing, effects if needed, basic pitch-correction if needed, and saved in any format you need.) I usually need no more than half a day to do a very good demo of a producer or songwriter's work.

I CAN do basic (scratch) recordings at home, but anything of quality I have to do in a studio. However, I can do voiceovers that sound very pro from my little home studio, and often get inquiries for these as well.