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Torrance, California, United States | MAJOR

Torrance, California, United States | MAJOR
Band EDM Singer/Songwriter


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"Day And Night; Part I - A SAMPLER/DEMO)
Projects Painting Reign; Kiss the FKing Rainbow;
Other un-named projects yet. Solo songs with hired talent or collaborators: Come My Way, Not The End, Never Again, Nothing to Hide, Simply, Let Me In; Anything (long version and short version); First Light, Miss You When You're Gone, Promise You, Come Home, Rude Wake Up, What Time Is Sunset, Encounter, Remember, Here Again, Still See, Stay, What's Going On, Desperately Seeking You, Were You A Dream, Endless Summer, If We Are Ever Apart, Blurred, Rat Race, many many more and remixes, covers, musical theater songs, etc. By October or November, I should have my professional SECOND CD produced, but mostly for industry use; I will release some songs for the public.

IF you are interested in hiring me or working with me, tjhe best way seems to be that one of us emails the other the basics of the track)s) he/she has, one of us then works on them and we contunue till we are happy with the final product, then I record the vocalas (both with track and acappela) for it. I copyright and ASCAP all my originals (tho that hasn't stopped many from stealing my stuff anyway... I like music, but you think i'm doing this for my heath? You think I dress like that for fun? "I'm With The DJ...") YES this is a portion of my financial well-being.... Or just...being. So stealing from me is ONLY BEGGGGGING for PROBLEMS! Why? When a simply agreement could have benefited us all more???

I'm always interested in hearing new, esp. local (or not) DJs, productions, remixes, in ANY genre: acoustic, band, blues, alt/rock, trance, house, hard house, hardstyle, hard trance, hardcore, funky; you can send me tracks or links, full sets, or if you wish to remix my tracks let me know and i'll send them to you. Or if you have a fully-written track that just needs vocals, that's fine. (i'm not very good at making interesting melodies when just given a backup instrumental...) kcw310



I SING and write vocal trance, because it's what my voice suits, and also how I first started like electronica in general.

BUT I am fully hardstyle, hard dance, hard house at heart.

Though I dream of having a huge melodic euphoric Tiesto/Armiin/van Dyk style trance vocal anthem that will be known all over the world, it's my "rockstar" dream.

I LISTEN to the harder style stuff mainly and EBM, industrial, darkwave, and synthpop. (i.e. Tidy Trax artists and similar, Qlimax, Defqon, Wolfsheim, And One, VNV Nation, Blaqk Audio, Within Temptation, Depeche Mode, and others like those.

I am very much wishing to create new tracks, trance, elec, tech, EBM, synthpop, future synthpop, industrial, darkwave, goth, house, and anything GOOD.

My main issue is studio. I do not have a pro home studio, tho I have a decent one to record samples and scratches on, but please note you will have to be a very good mixer/remixer since my mic is kinda cheap and I am 100 percent Indie so I don't have a budget other than for ASCAP and to copyright my own stuff.

However, we can talk more about this if we decide to try some tracks out.

PLEASE email me with any tracks you wish to try out. My terms are VERY negotiable.

I'm open to experimentation stuff and new ideas. Just another note: I tend to write lyrics first, with no melody, and so if you are good with basic melodies for someone else's lyrics, that's a plus.