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Camouflage Spaceship

Aiken, South Carolina, United States

Aiken, South Carolina, United States
Band Rock Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"CD Reviews: Camouflage Spaceship"

"The State of the Spaceship Address" by Camouflage Spaceship has to be one of the most refreshing records I've reviewed in quite some time. Being a fan of funky music, I am pleased to hear hints of early Chili Peppers, James Brown, and P-Funk. Still the music is very original with catchy beats and lyrics that often get stuck in my head. - B.I.T.S. Magazine

"Song and Demo Review"

Review of the song "Stank" by Camouflage Spaceship: "Simple and to the point you guys deliver again. Fantastic energy, I almost fell out of my seat while listening to this." - Taxi

"KZSU CD Review"

Lots of funk, a bit of rap influence, maybe even a bit of R&B influence makes for a fun CD. Mostly upbeat, lots of wawa on the guitar and some interesting synth work makes for some A-file worthy material. I recommend tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 15, and *16. Ken (the id)

1. *Guitar scrapin’, wawa funk with some cool synth in the mix. Later, some sax.
2. *Bouncy, poppin’ bass. Funky guitar rhythm in the upper register. Like early Red Hot Chili Peppers but slower. Chime playing later, nice touch. Wawa guitar solo.
3. Spacey funk, girl/boy choral harmony, kazoo, makes me think of the coneheads of SNL lore.
4. *This one got my ten year old shakin’ his booty. Interesting tempo change. Cool piano, synths. A Tribute to Sun Ra. - The ID (KZSU D.J.)

"Hear the Heart"

It’s not musique concrete or minimalist ambient from Brian Eno’s post-pop period; Camouflage Spaceship, whether it even knows it or not, is a party band. If a party is inspired by the sounds you play, even if you don’t clown around like The Swingin’ Medallions (the original ones), then there can be no question about it. The question worth asking, however, is if it’s a party you’d actually want to attend.

Taking the group theme one step further by blending two together (intergalactic funk and a tongue-in-cheek take on the redneck lifestyle), Camouflage Spaceship would be the funk band at one of the weirder parties you’d ever want to show up at. - Metro Spirit


3 World's Fairs: 2007
The State of the Spaceship Address: 2004
Hellbomb: 2003



Camouflage Spaceship is a Funk-rock-dance machine that crash landed on Earth and is ready to jam. The hard-hitting music will make you shake your thang and rattle your brain. This is the stanky, rootsy old bootsy, speaker crackin' music.

Chimmy (guitar player and Funk Fighter) has been involved with music since a child when his mama was spinning records on the turntable. Since then, he has performed at The James Brown Birthday Bash, House of Blues, & Billboard Live among others. He will gladly land the Camouflage Spaceship on your rooftop tonight.

Camouflage Spaceship has funked up crowds at Arts in the Heart Festival, Atlantis Music Conference, Rock for Relief Concert, Headliners Mainstage, Augusta's Soul Bar, and the 12 Bands of Christmas to name a few.

Some favorite radio programs & stations playing Camouflage Spaceship include: The "Upper Room with Joe Kelley" in Connecticut, KZSU-Stanford, WCHZ in the Aug., WAAW The Boss & the Solar Bowler Network.

The thing about the Camouflage Spaceship is you can never see it coming, but you WILL know where it has been.