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Camp 10

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Rock Reggae


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Camp 10 representing at Studio Seven’s 4/20 show"

Lucky for you readers, here is an up close and personal look at what Camp 10 is all about. Get to know who these boys really are and how they assembled before you go see them rock out on stage at the 4/20 show presented by Studio Seven.
Camp 10 started in the fall of 2009. It started with Alex Swaab and Nick Jessen as roommates at Seattle University. Earl Bucket the drummer joined the band shortly after it was created. Alex, Nick lived on Campion 10, a residence hall at Seattle University, and that is where the name, “Camp 10? came from. Camp 10 has played at a variety of shows including some at Studio 7, bistros, and open mics near the Seattle University area. A couple of months later Stefan wanted to play trumpet and jammed one night with the band. Immediately after he wanted to join the band and so he did. Roberto was the last addition to the band. We were in dire need of a bass player and he steppedup to the plate and has done an excellent job.

All members of the band came from different backgrounds of music. Alex plays guitar and is lead vocals, he played a lot of reggae and rock in his previous band. His music influences Camp 10 greatly. Nick plays keyboards, and played a lot of electronica and a little bit of rock too. Nick’s electronica sound contributes a lot to the reggae music that Camp 10 plays. Roberto plays the bass and his music background consists mostly of rock, alternative, and a tad bit or reggae. Earl Bucket plays the drums and came from a funk and punk band. Earl’s character brings a lot of life in the Camp 10 band. Stefan of course plays the trumpet and his music background has a much wider range coming from hip hop, rock, and alternative.

Camp 10 plays mostly reggae, ska, and rock music, but are not limited to that genre of music. All members of Camp 10 contribute their own style and talent to the table. There is never a dull moment in practice for Camp 10 and they always enjoy playing with each other. They love playing concerts and will always make it a good time! - Seattle in High Def

"Quadstock 2011"

Camp 10, Seattle University's resident reggae-heads will be playing the Quadstock student stage, returning after their recent Battle of the Bands appearance. Nick Jessen, Alex Swaab and Roberto Mendez harvest influences such as Sublime, Johnny Cash and Slightly Stoopid to form their particular brand of ska-tinged rock, laced with personal lyrics and bassy riffs. As the name suggests, the group was formed on the 10th floor of Seattle U's mega-residence hall, Campion. Jessen and Swaab formed the original lineup as freshmen The lineup has changed a number of times since, before settling on its current form with Mendez. Camp 10 hopes its music creates an experience that can be summed up as, "chill bro, relax, play Gamecube." Audiences looking to check out Camp 10 at Quadstock are instructed to "bring your skanking shoes, because it's gonna be a dancin' party."
- The Spectator

"Quadstock minus Quad: Who and what to see on the Union Green"

Before even being asked a question, the talkative Nick Jessen eagerly begins spewing statements about Camp 10.
"I told her that ‘shenanigans' describes our band in one word," says Jessen (keys), freshman photography major, to the rest of the band, just to clear things up.
The other four laugh in unison, an informal agreement with Jessen.
The all-freshman band came together under roommates Jessen and Alex Swaab (guitar), international business major, and Devin Kelly (drums), engineering major better known as Earl Bucket, stepped in as drummer. In fall quarter, the band consisted of residents from the 10th floor of Campion Hall, the band's namesake.
The band has gone through lineup changes throughout the year, now even including members from as far away as Bellarmine Hall. With trumpet player Stefan Wanigatunga, film studies and voice performance major, and bassist Roberto Mendez, psychology and visual arts major, their music channels ska and punk with a hint of reggae tucked in, but all members take pride in their stark differences of genres in past band experiences, ranging from electronica to bluegrass to choral music.
Camp 10 has new songs they are waiting to drop at Quadstock, but they will always retain the original spirit of having a good time making their music.
"There's a lot of super pretentious indie bands [on Capitol Hill] and we try and have more fun with it," Jessen says. - The Spectator

"Battle of the Bands"

When Roberto Mendez, Nick Jessen and Alex Swaab talk about their band, Camp 10, or even each other, it's obvious how much they're enjoying themselves. The three sophomores project an air of amiability and a deep love for the music they make, and when they converse, they seem completely comfortable together.
"We can pick up what the others are playing really fast," Jessen said. "I've never been able to do that with a group of people before."
Mendez agrees.
"We know each other really well as musicians and as people too," he said.
But Camp 10's existence hasn't always been so peaceful.
Swaab and Jessen founded Camp 10 last school year after they met as freshmen roommates on the tenth floor of Campion Hall.
"Room 1018 is where the magic began," Swaab said.
Two other students joined and then quit the band the night of an April concert at the Cobra Lounge. Swaab and Jessen needed a replacement drummer, and they quickly thought of Mendez, who has since become another roommate.
"He plays base, but he's a good drummer too," Swaab said.
The trio hesitates to define their music, but their music often has reggae influences.
"We sound like Sublime if they hadn't done heroin," Jessen joked.
Camp 10 spent much of its first year focusing on promoting itself and writing new songs, but Swaab, Jessen and Mendez have spent the past months refining the band's sound and preparing for Battle of the Bands.
"People should be ready to have a good time and see some friends play," Mendez said. - The Spectator


On Top- Camp 10 Demo
This song has aired on KSUB and KEXP radios



Camp 10 started in the fall of 2009 with Alex Swaab and Nick Jessen, roommates at Seattle University. After several line-up changes, Roberto Mendez joined the band first as bassist and since as the drummer. Just recently James Johnson joined forces with Camp 10 to shred on the lead guitar. They wanted to start a band at school that combined all the elements of all their favorite bands, like Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Smashing Pumpkins, and that's just the "S's". In case you're not an "SU" student, the band was named after the floor/residence hall, "Campion floor 10," that they started out college in to commemorate the important time in their lives, and the fun-as-hell atmosphere of freshman year at college. We have played at venues such as Neumos, El Corazon, Studio 7, Nectar Lounge, Cobra Lounge, and many other venues and festivals. Camp 10 plays reggae, rock, punk, and whatever else we feel like jamming out to, so bring your good skankin' shoes and get ready for a good time! Listen to our music and SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!