Camp is Indie-Postrock-Alternative with some electronic elements and Choirs. With the Support of Pro Helvetia they will release their third album in 2009.


Formed in the small swiss town Zurich, Camp started out as a newwave-dancerock project from Songwriter Dominic Suter, Bassplayer Raphael Rogenmoser and Drummer Tosho Yakkatokuo. The result was the 2005 Debut-Album ICONOGRAPHY (meets with a big press response) and the 2006 Album TALKING CURE with the hitsingle FROM EXTREMELY FAR AWAY on FIFA08 Soundtrack.
Realizing that there is more to him than writing straight dancefloor songs songwriter Dominic did what all sensible people do: he took a break. In 2009 refreshed, renewed and inspired by the recruitment of Ex-Crank Keyboarder Thomas Winkler and Lauschangriff Bassplayer Flo Goette Camp are recording the new Album LIFE-DEATH-BALANCE. They're now looking for a multilayered sonic language and a more mature songwriting.



Written By: Camp

Out of my lifedeathbalance
Im out
Out of focus
Out of my lifedeathbalance
Out of my lifedeathbalance

Are you ready for this
Are you looking for it
I take you down
How about, i kick you out

Of your life
And of your lifedeathbalance
You re out
out of your lifedeathbalance

everynight every day
are you ready fort his
are you looking for it
i take you down, how about your lifedeath balance

FUCK for your lifedeathbalance
FUUCK for your lifedeathbalance
(it becomes) CLEAR, when the cloud is moving
fuuck for your lifedeathbalance
for your life
for your live
for your live..
out of the WOOD, when the fog is clearing
it HURTS, but you cant circle
AROUND forever
I kick you
Out of your lifedeathbalance
OOUt out of your lifedeathbalance


Album Iconography 2005, Album Talking Cure 2006, Single From Extremely Far Away on FIFA08 Soundtrack, radioairplay mit In paris withyou, My Heart is breaking down on couleur 3 und drs 3, more about camp:

Set List

we got now a new set with songs from our upcoming third album LIFE-DEATH-BALANCE. 15 Songs, Time: 70 min