Camp Abby

Camp Abby


Ear-candy, energy and madness. Straight in your face rock'n roll.


Started up five years ago in a trailer park in Norway. TK and Robban met to discuss some opportunities. Beer and campfire and the damage done! Camp Abby was born.
After two years of try n' hire the final lineup was set when Terje, Thorbjorn and Gasen entered the band.
We recorded an ep called -songs from a caravan- in 2005. It took us to California and venues like Viper Room, The Joint and Cat Club.
Back in Norway we got the chance to play at Norways biggest festival, Quart Festival in 2007. It was a blast! After that we decided to record our first full lenght album. The recording started by the the end of January 2008 and are now about to finnish it. AND IT ROCKS! It is Camp Abby at its best.


-"Songs from a Caravan" EP 2005
The song alive got some air in Norway.
-New Album TBA 2009
Finally fading out has been aired on national radio.

Set List

1. Safe bay 2.Build & Break 3. Universal, 4. Alive 5. Leave 6. Piece of you. 7 Beautiful. 8. Finally fading out. 9 Free falling 10. Die Laughing( Theraphy cover) 11. Welcome back to the dancefloor.
A normal set is from 45-60 minutes.