Jamaica, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Christian Rapper/ Minister HIV/AIDS Activist


Campain is the newest addition to Kingdom Time Entertainment Management. Campain is fairly new on the scene and is set to take the urban gospel world by storm.

After having a near death experience in a violent street altercation, Campain gave his life to the Lord and vowed to serve Him for the rest of his days. Campain has a burning desire to win souls and his passion shows in his ministry.

He recently released his first music video under Kingdom Time Entertainment Productions for the underground hit single "Addicted". This song expresses campains zeal and passion for the Lord and is a blessing to any soul that acknowledges God.

Campain will be releasing his new album "Running God's Race" in March 2010 which without a doubt will be a huge suprise to the unsuspecting urban gospel world. Minister Marcus Hall calls it " a great first album that ministers with power". The few others who have heard the new album have been blown away by the level of ministry that it delivers.

2010 is going to be a big year for urban gospel and Campain will surely be a big part of it!


Dependent On You
She Got Me Stuck

Set List

4 song list-15-25 mins
Dependent On You