Camp Arawak

Camp Arawak


There is “Love” in this music infused with a Punk ethos based in pure quirkiness. Camp Arawak feels like an experiment/dissection of familiar ideas, forms and notes pasted back together to create something completely different. No judgments and no egos, Camp Arawak members agree to always disagree.


These four men are a creative collective of musicians and songwriters, playing together for nearly 12 years. With performances up and down the Eastern United States, including Caesar's Palace, their high energy live performances are the stuff of minor legend. Influences are wide and varied; The Beatles, 70’s Elvis, Beach Boys, Prince, Pavement, The Queers, Oasis/Blur, Wilco, Weezer, Nerf Herder and The Strokes. After playing together for so long, live show is honed to fine point as well as having vast experience in the professional recording environment. The story of Camp Arawak goes back to a dozen years ago; A group of artists together searching for a sound that has its roots based in rock and roll/pop music. After being on hiatus with other projects, the members have reformed to record a new album, tour and continue to entertain their legions of “Campers” worldwide.


Greetings From Camp Arawak (full length LP- iTunes, US, UK, Japan; Amazon mp3); "Fear of a Wak Planet" full length LP world wide release Winter 2011.
Featured song on the trailer for Exhibit A Pictures release of "The People vs George Lucas".
Featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming documentary, "Wizards of the PCT.

Set List

Ode 2 A Team
Judy Blume
Controller in My Room
Man Child
Wheelchair Race
Metallic Blue
Anna Kournikova
Sleepover Party
Laundry Day
Alyssa Milano
On Golden Thong
Disturbed by the Reverb
Angela’s Theme (cover)
Neo Nazi Girl
Revolution #6
Quizzo Wizzord
Order 66
No Easy Way Out (Rocky IV cover)
Yearbook Page
Stalker’s Bill of Rights
Charlie Hustle
Love Theme from Camp Arawak

Typical set is 1-2 hours; the above listed is full set- 3 sets at 1 hour each.