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Camp Best Friends

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Camp Best Friends are known to pack elevators (and clubs) to illegal capacity, reinvigorating the elevator music genre, as well as redefining the concert experience. This Ottawa collective gets the party pumpin', spreadin' love & light to all our brothers and sisters. CBF is everybody.


Between the concrete government buildings that populate the Ottawa skyline comes Camp Best Friends, the energetic yin to the city's staid yang. Many might see the city as the uptight bureaucratic town in between Toronto and Montreal, but the boys in the band have drawn from the city's bustling and international culture and funneled it into a brew of equal parts Red Stripe and Moosehead. The band got together during that rift between high school and after high school, and have worked their way through the pubs, clubs, and bars of Ottawa and university campuses across Central Canada while working on a growing repertoire of recorded work. In the meantime, they've solidified their line up and their grasp on what they loosely define as their 'music'. Their debut album is due out March 2008.


"Just Chillin'' (2-Song Teaser CD) - 2006
"The CBF mixtape" (distributed free at 2007 gigs w/ stickers, web address, and e-mail list sign-up)
"Camp Best Friends" (Debut LP) - March 2008

Set List

CBF tailors their set to each show they play depending on the type of crowd, be it a 30 minute or a 2 hour set. Far from a 'bar/cover band', CBF is reknown for their staple "hip-hop 101" medley that changes from show-to-show, making for a rap rockin' rollercoaster ride every time.

Original material:
Now More Than Ever
Gettin' Incredible
The Scoop
Hot One (feat. Lamebrainz)
Hope You Like It
Coming Home
Fallik Funk
Sept. 11/07
World Takes Fire
Afternoon Space Fight
Don't Sleep on your Moon
Feels Good
Peace, Love, & All of the Above
Tax Dollars
I Got Soul
Rise & Shine
Funk Ya Ass
Young Man
...and many more....

Jay-z - Big Pimpin
Snoop/Pharrell - Beautiful
R. Kelly - Ignition
Talib Kweli - Get By
Common - The Light
Black Star - Definition
Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
Reel 2 Real - I Like to Move it
Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock
Bob Marley - Now Woman No Cry, Could you Be Loved, Sun is Shining
Beenie Man - Who a