Campfire Classic

Campfire Classic


This is half fantastic, half amazing, and half the best thing thats ever left your speakers and has gotten stuck in your head.


Awaited Disaster's Adrian and Jon joined forces with Brainfreeze and Bad Mouth's Jon Montoya to make some great catchy tunes.


Safe and Sound

Written By: Adrian Emmanuel

To all the places that I've been
This goes out to whom it may concern

Blueprints on the paper ready to ignite and depict the words that I can't say
This goes out to whom it may concern

We're safe and sound again
I wish this weren't such a mess
I can take a stand from where I'm standing
Hoping this wont leave me stranded now
I'm safer on the ground

This is your last chance to take cover and make sure that you're all ready for the flash photography
It's coming quicker than you'd think
I guess it's easier just to slow down and get ready for the impact
Here's what they're gonna say
If it is worste against worste then I guess I'll take the latter
Cause it's easier that way

Set List

1. Safe and Sound
2. Completely Different
3. Anywhere
4. Strobe Lights