Camp Life Entertainment

Camp Life Entertainment

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A band of lyrical, creative, Talented M.C.'s. Taking our love for music to the max and then pushing it pass the limit.


Formed in 1997, back then known as the Dub Squad, Killa Ru, Byza, Blu and Fats all grew up in the same area.  Killa Ru and Fats are actually blood cousins.  With a very similar taste in music, the four members of the D.U.B. Camp, and thier still close friend and frequent collaborator D Lew, began making little songs and raps and performing at select parties throughout the area.  They were even focused enough to complete a full length, previously unreleased album: "Who You Know Will Get You In, What You Know Will Keep You In."  The hobby of creating music became a profession that they now pursue tirelessly.  This happened when all of the members met Smoove, who is Blu's older cousin.  The members of the D.U.B. Camp and all of their Camp Life brethren have been around each other for, literally, decades; Thus, they know each other so well that the chemistry of their personal relationships spills over into their music.  This is most apparent just by witnessing the camaraderie weather on stage, in the studio or just chilling.


D.U.B. Camp "The Camp Is Here" 2005

D.U.B. Camp "Thrill of Victory" 2007

Fats " The Network" 2010

Bluman "New Beginning" 2010

Set List

We like to change our set up per show but Typical we like to perform around 15 minutes