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Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba are Camp Lo. The soulful duo whose 70's slang and swagger brought you the hip-hop classic "Luchini (This Is It)" during Hip-Hop's golden era. Play the record at any party where true skool hip-hop reigns and watch the reaction. Classic! 2007 marks their return.


Believed to be kindred souls, the connection between Camp Lo was strong long before they ever met. Having variations of the same name, dating back to Muslim upbringings and carrying impressively, optimistic perspectives on life as well as an immense fascination with the fashion and lingo of the Blaxploitation era- although they grew up in the typically survivalist vibe of Bronx, NY- this pair was meant to come together.

Introduced by a mutual friend, Saladine T. Wilds, an aspiring electrician, joined forces with Salahadeen T. Wallace to form the creative partnership called Camp Lo. Immediately, they created and shopped a demo of their music self-described as neo-soul in a hip hop setting. Eight months later they signed with Profile Record.

Known individually as Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede, Camp Lo seemed destined for stardom as their debut single "Coolie High", featured on 1996's The Great White Hype soundtrack, was a hit peaking at #25 on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. Camp Lo followed up with their success with the 12" single "Luchini (This is It)". Produced by Ski who made a name for himself through his work on Jay-Z�s Reasonable Doubt, Luchini and their debut LP Uptown Saturday Night, (named after the 1974 Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby comedy) became a crossover hit in 1997, breaking into the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Luchini went on to reach the top 5 on the Hot Rap Singles chart and is considered a classic from the highly regarded golden era of hip-hop. The 12" also featured the B-Side Swing which featured Ish the Butterfly from the grammy winning Digable Planets. Butterfly's cameo at the end of the Luchini video propelled the group even further as they were now considered as hip-hop's elite along side groups like De la Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Digable Planets.

The album�s Sugar Shack cover-art of Ernie Barnes served as a poignant reflection of what Camp Lo has been about since day. Unfortunately the good vibes, soulful 70's spirit and slang, took a back seat to label politics. Profile was folding and as a result, Camp Lo's contract was passed on to Arista. Arista, however, did little more than re-release Uptown Saturday Night and once their contract was up with Arista, Camp Lo jumped at the chance to produce the double-sided single, �Cookers� and �Trouble Man� on Stimulated/Loud Records. The single was a hit amongst true hip-hop fans but big business was too busy remolding hip-hop for mainstream american business so the single stayed beneath the surface. Though they recorded a number of songs during this time, including Will Smith's "Yes, Yes Y'all, DJ Honda's " Disco T-E-K: and De la Soul's So Good", the group would go unoticed until 2002. In 2002 Camp Lo independently released the full length Let's Do It Again. This effort was not nearly as well-received as their debut, and was met with mediocre reviews and sales. The album did, however, produce the street hit "Glow" and proved that Camp Lo was still capable of making hits. Shortly after the album's release, Aesop Rock enlisted them to appear on the song "Limelighters" of his album Bazooka Tooth, exposing them to fans of the underground Definitive Jux label.

Naturally going against the grain in their daily lives as individuals, as a team, the lyrics of artists like Digable Planets and De La Soul, inspired them to do the same in their own music. Their passion for music extends far beyond them though and into classic, legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Marvin Gaye. Such a well-rounded background in music, film, fashion, and spirituality leads to the timelessly soulful sound of their tracks, a sound which clearly appeals to the masses. And although the breaks didn't come, Camp Lo continued to record and write music true to their soul. Songs with the legendary trackmasters and the soulful "Tuckin" and "Gotcha" have kept the Lo living and breathing.

In 2005 Talib Kweli expressed interest in signing Camp Lo to his label. In 2006, Camp Lo recorded the song "I Wanna Be" for Midway's NBA Ballers: Phenom Soundtrack as well as the Fort Apache Mixtape which united Camp Lo with Luchini producer Ski. In 2007 Camp Lo is reenergized and has gained the support of Bay Area Media/Management Company SinceEighty6 who are intent on making sure Camp Lo receives the acknowledgment they deserve.

With good people behind them, Camp Lo continues to create. In addittion to appearances on HBO's Entourage and on the XBox game, has launched, is proving that the fans have been looking for them and itunes now carries most of the groups catalog including Camp Lo's Greatest Hits volumes 1 &2, which contain b-sides, demos and unreleased material as well as the Ski produced Fort Apache mix tape.

Camp Lo will tour much of the 2nd half of 2007 to promote their newest release Black Hollywood (Good Hands Records). The self titled single i


Luchini (This Is It)

Written By: S. Wilds, S. Wallace

This is it (What?!)
Luchini pourin from the sky
Lets get rich (What?!)
The cheeky vines
The sugar dimes
Cant quit (What?!)
Now pop the cork and stream the vega
And get Lit (What?! What?! What?!)

Verse One:

Phantom of the dark
Walk through my heaven with levitation
From efficient ?????????
Showboatin with Rugars
Flash vines
Bel-a-fonte vigga
Let's get for what it's worth
As we confiscate your figgas

Cassanova brown
Levitatin jiggy in daishiki's
In la hotta Car
Chasin diamond runners
Headed ice bound
Every chilla dime
You can bet your Harlem buck strut
Freezin world hice Hollywood
Madame Butterfly
Let me in your house of pleasure
From the knuckle swat
Shadowboxins catchin black-eye blues

I play the deef (What?!)
Sensations at the Monte Barbie screamin (Cheeba!)
Fulfillin pleasures at my castles (Blow the smoke out!)
The boss of Vegas substitutes when the Dutch is gone
The Lo don't stop, give me shouts
It's the season saute'ers
Souffl'ers for swervin no corners
We magnets to moolah
Livin wit Charlie's Angels hornets
No smilin, we're slidin
That gets you caught up in the octa
Or deaded for movin
It's just like that as we proceed

Saturday night special better take it lightly Ja-Jiyah
El Cap-i-tan quest to the coast of Key Largo
Wire the chain gang
Keep your ears out for our ears
Sippin' fountain blue
House of bamboo

Chorus: repeat 2X

This is it (What?!)
Luchini pourin from the sky
Lets get rich (What?!)
The cheeky vines
The sugar dimes
Cant quit (What?!)
Now pop the cork and stream the vega
And get Lit (What?!)
[1st time] This is it (What?!)
[2nd time] (What?! What?!)

Verse Two:

For these pharoah's heard of seas of black ceasars that can't miss us
Silky Days, satin nights, takin flights down to warm
Sweet sensation, spanish flyin with the lady Scarface
Bottoms up sunshine
Love Potion Number 9

And we in it from the magic city
Tran-cen-din sweeter on your aura-fa-chiny, in London
Re-lax-ation in Bora Bora
Got notion to bring-it... sing-it
Stonin... robbin
We hiestin mer-chan-dise and gunnin
Love it... leave it
Get it... got it
The Lo will for-ever be nicin

Yeah the Sonny Cheeba, he be sippin Ama-re-tta
The Geechie Gracious, he be sippin Ama-re-tta
We float the tri-state drink, in this satin vines
This Coolie High jack pack, from the sugar shack
Then what we do, after we sip the Ama-re-tta
We start the Harlem River Quiver
Dig it sweet daddy
Sharpen the crimson blade
High sierra seranade
Anatomy for seduction be this
Heavenly Jealousy...

As we exit the place, with grace
Jersey Amaretta, the burstin of clouds
It pours... everything seems better
On flats with love, we move
Only in the mist
Its Lo, its life
And we can't get enough of this

Chorus: repeat 2X

This is it (What?!)
Luchini pourin from the sky
Lets get rich (What?!)
The cheeky vines
The sugar dimes
Cant quit (What?!)
Now pop the cork and stream the vega
And get Lit (What?!)
[1st time] This is it (What?!)
[2nd time] This is it (What?!) (x2)


The Sonny Cheeba, he be sippin Amaretta
The Geechie Gracious, he be sippin Amaretta
The Joe King, he be sippin Amaretta
The Chaquita Kid, he be sippin Amaretta
We got Asti Spumante wid, Ama-re-tta
And then my man, ILL Will, sip Ama-retta
And then my man Cab, in the sites, sippin next
We slide through the Tri-State, with the hi-hat
And then I flow side-to-side, in my Coolie High
And then I peep the sunset, with this Spanish Fly
And then I flow down south, with the Boogie Flats
And then I slide up in-between a ziggy, buss off
And all of that yeah...


Written By: S. Wilds, S. Wallace

[Geechie Suede]
Doors open and feathers fly, multiple colored sky
Leathers on my back, with Chardonnay and Alize, well I
Room for the mirrors with no ceilin to glance
Call ya cornies, getcha ponies, gotchu lovin my dance

[Sonny Cheeba]
Cheeb' buyin hit lanes on fours, and I switch dames in full-color
Dip planes on smalls, and I'm hot white, plus fur covered
Got plenty Jennies with Henny, they love to so ride that train
Slimmy ya hear me, holla my name, holla my name
cuz I need these new Cobras, they hits
They purple and red, they gets bread

You had me spotted like polka-dot, my knot gettin heavy
Make moolah around the clock, and squeeze up on ya Betty
Out ya teddy, you shitty, Remy-emy pourin through hollow
Double dose of mommosa, pick up the bottle and swallow

Lo-I, Jim Kellier, Jim Brown dillinger
Older cocker, own rocks and Vodka
Pole slick miss, fo-cu-sin on Pantra
Glass matress, glass mask, and casper
On her tippy-toes, higher than Jimmy
Come fly with us slimmy, we're off in that purple haze

She said, "Suede work your voodoo on me"
Horizontal in the Tahoe, vertical in the V
Kangaroos on my back, so I switch it to three
Put the levels up some more and you just might O.D.

[Chorus: Both]
We gon' - get, that, glo
We gon' push it to the limit and live it until we swim in them digits
We gon' - get, that, glo
We gon' pool it from the floor to the ceiling until we makin a killin
We gon' - get, that, glo
We gon' push it to the limit and live it until we swim in them digits
We gon' - get, that, glo
We gon' pool it from the floor to the ceiling until we makin a killin

Hey y'all - I got two Jimmy clips, flames spat
Guerilla runnin 'round with sour body englese
So.. I got to go get the auto... eject his torso...

Carolina, Black Madonna, she get it from her mamma
Sex designer lights ya mind up, sip it then roll the dime up
Gentlemen crooks, snazzy, hip, and flashy with looks
Crooked City's walkin witty, you ain't make it like us
Get dust, you lust, the dutch, for futch, pro-clutch did it
Cruise up, new trucks, don't touch, the new paint

You know I love it when we, do the Lou Rawls
Smash in with a few broads
Meet ten at the bar then we slash off in two hogs
Whitewall whitewall, Lo-a gonna screw ball
Old dames, if ya light flash kindly float off

Stormin, warnin, we Ali Foreman(?)
Pedal to the floor like my chinchilla that's long and
All non-believers get whiff on the gator sneakers
We out the park with this one while you paradin the bleachers
It's serious - like Cheerios with no milk
Stereo with no Lo, but never that cuz it's back

We don't need no strags in here
Whole lotta crushers are crushin the (?)
Lo-a not lower with twenty, it don't appear
Crooks when we leave, apply pressure and flare

[Chorus] - 2X

[Sonny Cheeba talking]
You hear them cats in the back talkin bout,
"Love you baby, love you bab-ay"
They talkin bout that cash, that glo
Ha! Ya gon' get dat, get dat glo
Lo-a, how we do Cheeb' blow-a
Suede-a, big Cheeb-a,
Shawny-wany in the back get the... and that glo
Whole lotta cash caddy, and glo
Glo up off me, get up out my pockets
get up out my glo caddy
I'm done talkin to y'all, Lo-a...

Coolie High

Written By: S. Wilds, S. Wallace

You need to come inside and check Lo
Relax yourself and let the sugar Lo flow
Coolie High got you wide
You need to come inside and check Lo
Relax yourself and let the sugar Lo flow
Coolie High keeps you wide
You need to come inside and check Lo
Relax yourself and let the sugar Lo flow
Coolie got you wide
You need to come inside and check Lo
Relax yourself and let the sugar Lo flow

Verse One:

Its rainin alizay
Im floatin through the Holland tunnel swervin
Im diggin on the Sheeba
Pullin Sheeba she be splergin
We lurkin with the coon
Cuz we be murkin from the boogie
And shittin on the crowds
Cuz they jive fakin woody

Tre shots of life for all night you dig it
Camp-ah hotta pinata
Too big quiver get hipper
Spillin coffee inside my automo' Aldo
Crackin satin and leather
What's happenin bullet convincer
Cash straight outta comic..
Books catchin the flurry
Keep your eye on the Lo
Where Mr....

Cuz we comin wit hammers and drivers
With the buddahs and rugars
And shot cruisers and rovers
Diamond crooks.. takin it over
With razors and cutters
With the sugar and butters
Pimp the seasons in leathers
We live for Coolie High treasures

Check the queen bee Lady Ree diggin Grace
Check the place 3 o clock shat no we aint
Fred and Cot bring it in the paint no such thing
Blasts of dynamite sing my superfly to the..
Cleopatra in the casino with gold sugar
Dig my harlequinn
And drench you with my diner garments

From Beva to Bevro in the Montaro slidin to Dero
With bottles of Asti Spumanti to tranquilize my heaven
Count seven we gettin explicit shootin sugar to the shorties
Luchini to spare let me see you
Its losin the air
Word life


You need to come inside and check Lo
Relax yourself and let the sugar Lo flow
Coolie High got you wide
(repeat 3X)

You need to come inside and check Lo
Relax yourself and let the sugar Lo flow

Verse Two:

Lo keeps the party live
The 80 proof is leakin got me screachin
Jersey Drive
We screamin cuz we caliber is bring it
Im layin in the purple rain until I see some action
We movin motionless.. continuos and thats happenin

We got the bubbly pourin through me and Cleopatra's casino
See back in Coolie High Jack and Jitterbugs and
Dolemite's outta site Anti-hatahs cats in the city
On the money takin the tri-state under sore savant
Billy Holidayin' the Foxy Browns with my Harlequinns
Penny he repellin reflected crystals is Hollywood

Dont pull the stars
Cuz we lickin Cuban cigars.. and sippin Moe
Playin the jigga cotton
The figgas on the Lo and Lo
Blessin the dimes
Keepin my Camp is on the higher flow
Livin the crimes hittin them slide
For the c-note

President city
Pourin right on the JJs and Sautee
Cab Callowayin the last of the finest Shot Sirus
Christ is comin lower
with Jiggas less to zero that
Sex the Lo
Dice the Lo
Ill tell you what
On the night vision decision underneath the silver moon
Boy from company C A day sugar love

Chief be for stonin
Robbin chero be for midnight
The safety's off the toaster
And my shadow's by the moonlight
Cuz Data's on the levels and the Lo is on the EQ
My stamina is sugar
And its love love forever yall


Black Hollywood/Good Hands 2007
Uptown Saturday Night | Profile Records 1997
Let's Do It Again | 2000
Fort Apache: The Mixtape | 2006
Camp Lo Greatest Hits Vol. 1 | 2006
Camp Lo Greatest Hits Vol. 2 | 2007
Ski Beats Presents...Camp Lo : Another Heist (2008)

12" Singles & Features
Coolie High (The Great White Hype Soundtrack)
Coolie High b/w World Heist
Defibrillators : Via Remixes // Luchini (Wounded Mix) feat. Jazzyfatnastees
Luchini b/w Swing
Luchini (RMX) feat. Jungle Brown
Blak Nostaljak b/w Xenobe Mix
Blak Nostaljak (aka Baby Come On) RMX feat. Kid Capri and Run of Run DMC
Trouble Man b/w Cookers (Loud/Stimulated)
Glow 12"
Will Smith 'Big Willie Style" on "Yes Yes Y'all"
Kid Capri "Soundtrack to the Streets" on Freestyle (Camp Lo)
DJ Honda on "Disco T-E-C"
Aesop Rock "Bazooka Tooth" on "Limelighters"
Oran Juice Jones ft. Stu Large & Camp Lo - Poppin� That Fly (Clark Kent Remix) // Nothing To Lose Soundtrack // Tommy boy

De La Soul
Christian Black "The Willie Lynch Theory" on "Beat
with Lifesavas "Gutterfly" Street" and "Sex & Weed" (2008)
Step On It
Gotcha 12"
Black Hollywood b/w (Good Hands Records)

Coolie High
Luchini (This Is It)/Swing
Black Nostaljak (aka Baby Come On)

Luchini (This Is It) on HBO's Entourage "Viva Las Vegas" season 2
Glow on "Saints Row) XBOX

Set List

Black Hollywood
Soul Fever
Ticket 4 2
82 Afros
Black Nostaljak
Gotcha (2006)
Coolie High
Luchini (This Is It)