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CampQuest is a three-man, party-making, club-shaking, thought-provoking movement; set out to reach the masses of folk who desire more than just the "get-by", but yearn to travel this medium we call muzik to get to the Most-High.



``Our music is eclectic- it`s left field. It`s hip-hop with a `lil bit of everything else.``

Those elements stimulate from their different walks of life. The trio, comprised of Mic Millionz, Amp, and Joules grew up listening to more than just hip-hop. From their synth-driven sound to the thought provoking lyrics, CampQuest echoes the idea of a spirited hope in what for some is a hopeless life.

Influenced by musicians and artists ranging from Sting, Prince, and Tears for Fears, to the likes of De La Soul and Leaders of the New School, CampQuest prides themselves in being introduced to these and other styles of music at an early age. ``We make feel good music for both your soul and your mind,`` states Mic Millionz, who along with his younger brother Joules, grew up with Amp in the southern-city of Jacksonville, FL. Their music stimulates from their different walks of life. ``We`ve lived on both sides of the tracks. We`ve seen our friends die in the streets on one hand, and we`ve been fortunate to live where you don`t have to look over your shoulder every second,`` adds Amp when you ask them about the relativity of their lifestyle to their music.

In 1999 the group recorded a local hit single, ``CampQuest All-stars,`` that sparked attention and landed them a recording deal with indie label Shabach Entertainment. Their self-entitled debut, released in 2001, was a long time coming after appearing on mix tapes and compilations while doing local and national shows. With themes like ``Fatherless Child`` and ``What If`` they posed questions to societal issues that incite one to look with a deeper perspective. ``If we can get someone, anyone, to start asking questions, then they`ll look for answers; they`re curious to find what else life has to offer.`` -Joulez. Over the next two years CampQuest would share stages with artists ranging from Trick Daddy, Master P, and Timbaland, to Grits, John Reuben, Thousand-Foot Krutch and a list of others.


"Number 1 Contender"
The Ring Leader - DJ Maj (mixtape)
June/2003, Gotee Records
Distributed by Chordant (EMI)

June/2001, Shabach Entertainment/CMN
Distributed by Diamante (Butterfly)

Coalition: The Hip Hop Alliance (compilation)
July/2000, ForeFront Records
Distributed by Chordant (EMI)

The Eighth Floor (compilation)
May/2000, Shabach Entertainment/CMN
Distributed by Diamante (Butterfly)

*For full-length promotional CD of CampQuest's newest project "In Your World" send an email for a hard copy of this presskit.

Set List

45-55 min. set

8-10 songs

Song List:

1. Eh Yo
2. I got a secret
3. Get Ya Tents Up!
4. The Truth
5. Green Goblin
6. U got me?
7. Shoot'em Down
8. What if?
9. Bounce'Shake