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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2009
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"Michael Smith - CampX Soars To New Heights"

Camp X, Soaring to New Heights and Taking You Along for the Ride
All Quiet on the Northern Front - In the musical universe occasionally you find music that is truly inspirational. Some artists just have a knack for writing such material, or are in the right frame of mind at the right time. The tracks on this release from Camp X does just that. They write inspirational songs that rise and fly like an eagle and burn bright like a star in the night sky. Opening with the track, Revelation #2 A soulful voice takes the helm on a Hard Rock composition that builds height like Mt Everest. Convexly it valleys and allows you examine your own soul. For the track “Dead Man Walking” a subdued vibe that thunders for a low burn transforms and explodes wiping away pain with vocals that soar and guitars that hammer. On “Perfect Day” acoustic guitars lay a bed of sound like peaceful waters on which you can set sail and let dreams come true. From the song “Shine” you feel a sonic push made famous by bands like U2 where the song just builds and builds until an exuberant release. A common thread runs through this entire album. Guitars that reflect pure honest emotion and that wander ever part of a human heart to reveal true passion. Execution is absolutely beautiful and push each song to the limit. Bass guitar howls and winds through every song giving them depth and muscle which help inspire not just the mind but also heart and soul. Drums are played to utter perfection either thrashing away in complete bliss or laid back and enjoying the moment. Key/Synth work rounds out this musical ensemble and adds just the right amount of flair to each track. This allows every song to have its own personality and additional dimension. Holding it all together though is the vocal work that is the true driving force of the band. Often I will hear a group that would sound empty without its vocalist but here you have a band and album that without its vocalist would have no heart. You can truly tell that this is not just a group of individuals excelling at what they do, but a true piece of genuine art when collaborating together. Hopefully Camp X will have a long and glorious run, for they have the talent collectively that true timeless bands are made of. I would say that if you like Pop, Rock, Hard Rock or Alternative genres then you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not checking out this band RIGHT NOW! While all may be quiet on the northern front, it is surely due to the epic music that is on display in these hearts. The only question now is, where does Camp X go from here?

Music Reviews -

"Raw Warwick - The Unsigned Band Review"

CampX are a dynamic force of swirling psychedelic piano melodies combined with a rough, gritty hard-rock passion. Their danceable, fun-filled classic rock sound is delivered with hard-hitting execution, especially by the confident, robust vocals. They seem to be a very professional band who are well experienced in how to carry forth their musical zeal through the speakers and on to the listening public. Very much looking forward to hearing more from them. -

"Caitlin Hoffman - Bigger Than Beyonce"

Camp X is mighty mainstream, surely radio-bound. They rake in emotions by the pound, unafraid to express.
I can imagine a woman blasting their songs while she drives into the horizon, ready to change her name and start a new life. Their music gives you little glimpses into other people’s lives. They’d make a great addition to any soundtrack, any heart-felt trailer, any evening of self-reflection.
At this point, they’re working to gather a fanbase and get the grapevine brewing. They are geared towards the future, all too eager to see success on the horizon. I’m doing my part to help them get there.
If you like Kings of Leon, U2, or any other band born on the stage, you’ll like Camp X.
Coming soon to a rock station near you. -

"Henry K - The Real Radio Show WRCN 103.9 Long Island"

CampX Rocks! We had them here on The Real Radio Show & they turned heads in Times Square. This is a band on the move & a pleasure to have had on the show! -

"Rick Parnell - RPM Music Picks"

Here’s a rock band designed to be big. The first comparison that comes to mind is U2. Everything is tight without losing the distinctive quality in each of the musicians’ individual contributions. There is a tension that plays out between the lead guitar and the vocals, and both are solid. This is music meant for a big room that still plays well out of small speakers. CampX helps me think big. -

"Derek The Blind Movie Reviewer - The Edge CFNY 102.1 Toronto -"

Whether you're listening to their tunes or experiencing their live show. CampX will not only entertain you; they'll leave a serious impact on you! So much talent on one stage! -

"Pete Donaldson - The Unsigned Band Review"

Very fond of this - why these guys aren't hee-uge I'll never know - like Spacehog meets Suede, and who doesn't want to fill their ears with that particular amalgam. -

"Joe Bouchard - Blue Coupe/Blue Oyster Cult"

CampX is a dedicated young band. They recently came to New York City to do a radio show where I was a guest. They rocked their butts off. It was great to hear a new band that shows so much promise. Check out CampX! -

"Tanya Dennis - Bonafide Entertainment"

CampX debut album is a collection of solid well written songs carried with strong, rich vocals that will appeal to many. Looking forward to watching this music spread like wildflowers. -

"Linda Dawe - Music Solutions"

Similar to Nickelback’s first song which didn’t get much attention, Camp X is a slow-burning fuse. They are an amazing rock band and their time is coming. -


CampX - Limited Edition 
CampX  All Quiet On The Northern Front



Sometime over the past decade, commercial rock has been given a bad rap. While the general publics thirst for the genre has been largely incessant since the days of Led Zeppelin, hipster distaste for the commercial aspects of the genre have become a voice seemingly louder than any other.
Longevity. Career-oriented. These terms mean little to the one-hit wonders of the world. Yet the bulk of musicians want to go about building their music career the good old-fashioned way: Working for it.
Enter Toronto rock band CampX, a melodic modern rock band that wants to dispel the myth that modern rock or commercial rock if you will, lacks substance. Camp X is ready to make their mark upon the world.
We wouldnt be here right now if we didnt have a hunger to want to be successful with what we do. If you look up the word persistence in the dictionary, our picture should be there.
So begins CampX front man Andrew Carswell.
Together with CampX bassist Aaron Okada, Carswell and Okada have been slugging it out together under the CampX moniker since 2009.
Carswells brother Paul would join the band who are rounded out by drummer Jay Corby and guitarist Chris Palazzo.
The band had the opportunity to flex their muscle on Limited Edition, an appropriately named, low profile 2009 release. As the group prepares to launch their new EP, the CampX work ethic comes to the forefront.
Songwriting is something that is shared amongst all of us in the band, Okada says. Were all songwriters sharing a common goal of wanting to write music that makes a connection with people.
We want to elicit something more than just a superficial connection with our fans. Music can be such a powerful tool to elicit emotion from people, Carswell says. I could write a song in two hours if I wanted to. The problem with that is that I have to believe in what I am saying. People can see through you when you are not being true to yourself or when you are pretending to be something that you are not. Pop music is great for making you want to dance; no one really pays attention to the lyrics in pop music.
Fortunately for CampX, establishing life-long connections with their fans has come relatively easily for the group. How else might one explain the group being invited to perform on WRCNs The Real Radio Show on three different occasions?
After an unforeseen and subsequently unfortunate delay at the U.S.-Canada border while attempting to make their WRCN debut, the group missed the opportunity to perform with Wonder Mike of the legendary Sugarhill Gang fame.
Mind you, their consolation prize didnt turn out to be too shabby either: CampX was given the chance to perform with Blue Coupe, a classic rock trio / super group of sorts comprised of former members of Blue Oyster Cult along with Dennis Dunaway from Alice Coopers band. Not only did CampX get to humbly mingle with the classic rock legends, their set drew such a significant crowd of pedestrians that the NYPD was called in to lend a hand. CampX will be featured on The Real Radio Shows NBC network debut later this year.
When it came to the making of the new CampX EP, it is safe to assume that CampX embraced the all-for-one, one-for-all mindset. Comprised of three newly written songs along with what the group felt was three of their strongest songs from their past. Neither Carswell nor Okada shy away from the fact that the six songs contained on the EP are rather commercial-sounding; very radio friendly.
Many bands however do not embrace writing music for a specific outlet including radio. This calls into question the whole artistic integrity versus commercial viability. What many fail to realize however is that writing songs that are naturally radio-friendly does not automatically compromise the bands integrity.
I think that if you really wanted to, you could make arguments both for and against writing music that is going to fit alongside what you are hearing on modern rock radio, Carswell surmises. But some people feel as though not as much artistry goes into writing music that could be played on the radio. Nothing could be further from the truth with CampX as far as we are concerned.
I believe that a lot of artists wrestle with the commercial viability versus artistic integrity issue, Okada says.
What we feel is great about our new release is that we found a happy balance of these two things, Carswell continues. We are very happy with the artistry that has gone into writing and brining these songs to life. As a band, we embrace our music having many layers and textures to it. We have always tried to write music that was dynamic and that balanced those soft moments with other moments that are more powerful.

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