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Mixtapes :

"Perfect Hypocrite" (7/21/11)

"Robin Hood" feat Jay Keys (4/19/11)

"Still Sleep" (8/25/12)
*SINGLES* - On Gin, Cooling, Fast Lane

"1st Round, 1st Pick" Hosted by @DjWats01 (8/7/13)
*SINGLES* - Just Another Day, Trappin, Magic



Get it now is the motto that ambitious and out-of-the box recording artist Cam Will, boldly lives by. Cam's unfiltered desire to achieve an internationally recognized sound inter-mixed with his hustle way of life has Cam Will, aka Mr. Get It Now (GIN), confidently declaring that he has next!

Born in the small southern town of Bradenton, FL, Cameron Williams early childhood was spent with his Grandmother and many of his cousins. Cam describes those years; "The beginning years were cool because I stayed with my grandma so it was pretty standard... Sunday dinner, left-over Mondays, meatloaf Tuesdays, spaghetti Wednesdays, taco Thursday and fish Fridays." At 8 years old, Cam moved with his Mother after his Step-father was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. Until this day, the monumental event of becoming an NFL family is the single event that has had the greatest effect on Cam's life.

"I never stayed a full year in one city. I would be in Green Bay from August-December, and we would go back to Bradenton from January-August. I've also stayed in Omaha Nebraska for a brief segment in my life while my step-pops was playing for the Cornhuskers."

This fluctuating upbringing allowed Cam to master adaptability, and peak his interest and curiosity that sometimes lead him down a dark path. As an adolescent, Cam's nickname was Dennis, coined after the mischievous television character Dennis the Menace. And throughout his teenage years, Cam sought to continue the devilment behavior with theft and drug trafficking becoming a past time.

"My step-pops wasn't really a FATHER more than he was a CARE GIVER. I didn't learn any life lessons a man teaches a son so I took to the streets. I had more since then the average street cat so I was able to hold my own. Whatever you can think of I sold it excluding Heroin. I grew up on the EAST-SIDE of Bradenton but when we got money we moved to Lakewood Ranch. I was the ONLY kid out there with enough WEIGHT to supply the city; I had connections in the hood because that's where I was from. So that's what I did, supplied Lakewood. I made a lot of money, got into a lot of fights, shot guns, armed robbed, home invasions with occupants inside, cat burglary, etc. I was only caught going in peoples cars as a juvenile fortunately for me. [My senior year in high school] I applied to ONE school and got in and that was Tuskegee. I came to Tuskegee with weight and started up in the dorms where I left off in the streets."

Although Cam Will experienced his share of self-inflicted conflict; his destiny as an aspiring artist was simultaneously developing. At the ripe age of 5years old, Cam began toiling with the art-form we now call rap. "I was at my grandma's house as a jit and my older cousin would always have me reciting raps he wrote for me and I performed them in front of different family members. I started writing raps online as a teenager on I would have rap battles against other artist from around the world. All while rapping online my brother and I had a mic that we recorded on EVERYDAY after school. I also performed at ALL TALENT shows while growing up. From the school talent shows to the Packer talent shows I was known to be the center of attention from rapping."

From to financing his own full, multimedia home studio to opening up for Future and Yo Gotti at Tuskegee University's Homecoming, Cam Will is differentiated within the large pool of aspiring artists by his 'all over the place' perspective and complete understanding of the art form of rapping.

Today, Cam Will is working on his third, but first largely financially backed project, "Misunderstood", to be released April 1st, 2013. His calendar continues to fill with shows including New Jack the Rapper Convention, where he will be performing at different venues in ATL.

When asked what his long-term goals are, Cam casually responds, "The only thing I know that I learned from my upbringing is that you have to go get it yourself. So that's what I plan to do; become a household name, global tours. But I want to move beyond music. I want to appear in movies, shit modeling even. Success is defined different for each person. I intend on becoming an artist that is known for his witty, humorous, and straight forward bars. I intend on becoming successful for the RARE form and delivery I will be bringing to the industry."