Canada Water

Canada Water

 Bournemouth, England, GBR

Pop rock five peice from the sunny south coast of the UK. In the last 12 months the quintet have racked up shows alongside, Army Of Freshmen, Conditions, Attack! Attack!, The Wonder Years and The Atari’s as we as completing a number of UK tours.


Canada Water is five friends writing music and playing shows. Our sound falls somewhere between each of our favourite artists. Although that may sound vague its probably safe to say if you only like Metallica, we might not be the band for you.

We came together in 2008 after previous bands called it quits, with our current line up formed less than a month before our first UK Tour. Since then we've played dates with Army Of Freshmen, Kris Roe (The Ataris), Conditions, Attack! Attack! and The Wonder Years as well as quite a few shows all over the place with our good friends Amy Can Flyy.

Our debut EP 'One Shot Farewell' is finally on sale, it features 4 tracks recorded during the summer of 2009 in North London with Mr Frankie D'Torpey of Rock Factory Studios. During these sessions we crashed on various people's floors in the centre of London, each taking turns to sleep on our one mattress, we lived off Pot Noodles and other such junk food, blagged tickets to a U2 concert, blew our entire band fund on a slap up meal at Chiquitos and generally had a really nice time.

We're looking to tour again in early 2010, you'll be able to recognise us as the five guys broken down on the side of the road shouting at the Danish looking one with the mullet haircut.


One Shot Farewell EP- 2010