Blue Moon

Blue Moon


Hard, driving, quality bluegrass music with traditional country roots and a mastery of vocals and instrumentation. Fun for the whole family.


With an awesome blend of vocal harmonies, as well as honed instrumental experience, Blue Moon roots stem from traditonal and contemporary bluegrass influences. Live shows have been known to motivate the audience to participate, and be involved in the intimate setting of "family kitchen" style. In early spring of 2003, Jim was performing at the same coffee house event as Doug and Deb. Upon the start up of a jam session, instant musical chemistry was apparent. And now, the rest is history.


Lonesome River

Written By: Carter Stanley

I sit here alone, on the banks of the river
The lonesome wind blows, the water rolls high
I hear a voice call out there in the darkness
I sit here alone too lonesome to cry

Oh the water rolls high on the river at midnight
I sit on the shore to weep and cry
The woman I love she left me this morning
With no one to love or kiss me good night

We met there one night on the banks of the river
We stood holding hands and making our vows
Swore we'd never part, we'd be happy forever
But a new love she's found she's gone from me now

* Refrain


2006 - Jim Karr - The Lonesome River
1999 - Blue Moon - Blue Moon

Set List

Midnight Storm
Cry Darlin
Whiskey Before Breakfast
North Carolina Moon
Wild and Blue
Blue Night
Love Bug
Salt Creek
Broken Hearted Lover
Walking Shoes
Willow Garden
Lonesome Pine
You're Never Alone
The Lonesome River
On My Way Back To The Old Home
Georgia Rose

We can do 3 or 4 sets at 40 minutes each, or 3 sets at 45 minutes a piece, or we can play all night. We're quite flexible.